Welcome to Oishi Lab!

What is a good life?

What is a good society?

Welcome to the UChicago Oishi Lab!

We study culture, social ecology, and well-being. Our research is guided by big questions such as “What is a good life?” and “What is a good society?”  We analyze all kinds of data, ranging from nationally representative surveys, mortality, GIS, and dictionaries to baseball game attendance. We like to run lab experiments. But, we also run daily diary studies. We collect all kinds of data all over the campus, cities, and the world. As my former advisor, Ed Diener said, our motto is “The globe is our lab!”


We are accepting new Ph.D. students in the social psychology program for Fall 2023. Please see the how to apply page (Prospective Students | Department of Psychology | The University of Chicago (uchicago.edu) for more information.

Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize!

Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize!

Our Psychological Review paper entitled "A psychologically rich life: Beyond happiness and meaning" (Oishi & Westgate, 2022) has just received the 2022 Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize! We won this prize simply because Erin rewrote the whole paper! See Wegner...

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