Welcoming new members and a new year

We would like welcome three new graduate students, Jingyuan Ge, Yuanke Chen, and Hanyu Hong, along with a new post doc, Dr. Mengyu Gao, our new lab manager, Dr. Feifei Li, and a happy new year.

Welcome Tomojit!

Tomojit Chowdhury will be joining our group as a Kadanoff-Rice post-doctoral fellow in June 2021. We're excited to have you in Chicago!

Farewells to Serena, Hui, Maritha, and Andy!

Farewell to several lab members who have been indispensable to our research in the last few years. We will miss you! We're losing a lot of you to California, Hui as a process engineer at Lam Research, Maritha as a graduate student at Stanford, and Andy as an assistant...