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(Read Also: Cornell Chronicle Feature; Nature NewsNature News and ViewsNature PodcastIEEE SpectrumThe VergeChemical and Engineering News Highlights)

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*Nano Letters Cover  January 2011!


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Fauzia Mujid’s Thesis, “Vapor-Phase Growth of Two-Dimensional Molecular Crystals and Their Structure-Property Relationships” (2022)

Shi En Kim’s Thesis, “Engineering Thermal Transport in 2D van Der Waals Crystalline Films” (2022) PDF

Preeti Poddar’s Thesis, “Chemical Tuning of the Electronic Properties of Atomically Thin Semiconductors” (2021) PDF

Hui Gao’s Phd Thesis, “Tuning the Electrical Conductivity of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides via Chemical Vapor Deposition Sythesis” (2020) PDF

Kan-Heng Lee’s PhD Thesis, “Assembly of Two-Dimensional Atomic Layers for Quantum Circuit Engineering” (2019) PDF

Saien Xie’s PhD Thesis, “Large-scale Films and Coherent Heterostructures of Atomic Thickness” (2018) PDF

Lujie Huang’s PhD Thesis, “Van der Waals Stacking of Two-Dimensional Materials” (2017) PDF

Lola Brown’s PhD Thesis, “Towards Angle-Controlled Van der Waals Heterostructures” (2015) PDF

Robin Havener’s PhD Thesis, “Imaging Spectroscopy of Heterogeneous Two-Dimensional Materials” (2014) PDF

Mark Levendorf’s PhD Thesis, “Locally Controlling the Structure And Composition Of Atomically-Thin Films” (2014) PDF

LiHong Herman’s PhD Thesis, “Quantitative Optical Imaging of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” (2013) PDF

Carlos Ruiz-Vargas’s PhD Thesis, “Synthesis, Morphology and Properties of Polycrystalline Graphene Membranes” (2013) PDF

Adam Wei Tsen’s PhD Thesis, “Spatially Resolved Electrical Transport in Carbon-Based Nanomaterials” (2013) PDF