Workshop Schedule


all events virtual
Tuesday April 13 12-1:30pm CT | Derek Attridge
Emeritus Professor, English and Related Literature, University of York
Untranslatability and the Challenge of World Literature: A South African Example
Tuesday April 27 4:30-6pm CT | Kirsten Ihns
PhD candidate, English, University of Chicago
Flash Objects: A Poetics of Perception in Late Henry James
Friday, May 7 12:00-1:30pm CT | A Roundtable on Sri Lankan Poetry & Poetry Anthology 
 Cosponsored by COSAS and the Comparative Literature Department

Vidyan Ravinthiran, anthology co-editor, Associate Professor, Harvard University
Seni Seneviratne, anthology co-editor, poet, performer, singer and creative artist
Shash Trevett, anthology co-editor, author of From a Borrowed Land (Smith|Doorstop, 2021)
Sascha Ebeling, Associate Professor, UChicago
Tuesday, May 18 4:30-6pm CT | Jack Kerkering 
Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago 
Aestheticist Poetics in The Awakening
Tuesday May 25 4:30-6pm CT | Chris Clarke
PhD candidate, Comparative Literature, University of Chicago 
The Poetics of Dying Young: Dual Rhythmic Agon in Some Songs


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all events virtual
January 25th, 10am CT | Hannes Bajohr
Sequence and Connection: Two Paradigms of Digital Literature and the Need for a Critique of AI Works
Joint session with the Digital Media Workshop
February 4th, 3pm CT | Kerry Balden
MA Candidate, University of Chicago
Discussion of Notes for a Non-Aristotelian Aesthetic by Fernando Pessoa (Álvaro de Campos)
Joint session with the Literature & Philosophy Workshop
February 16, 4:30pm CT | Tongo Eisen-Martin 
New Poems
March 10, 5pm CT | Alexis Chema 
Assistant Professor, English, University of Chicago 
“Hyper-Lyric Diction” Cambridge Companion to the Poem
Joint session with the 18th/19th Century Literature Workshop
March 16th, 4:30pm CT | Cecily Chen
PhD Student, English & Gender Studies, University of Chicago 




Poetry & Poetics Workshop Schedule, Fall Quarter 2020 (all events virtual)


10/13 Tuesday 4:30-6pm CT
DIANA KHOI NGUYEN: “Would That: Transmutation, Transformation, and Tracing the Lines of Possibility”


10/27 Tuesday 4:30-6pm CT


11/10 Tuesday 4:30-6pm CT
GABRIEL OJEDA-SAGUÉ: “On Loss, on Loss Writing, and Our Formal Living”


11/18 Wednesday 4:30-6pm CT


if you have questions about how to attend, please contact Kirsten Ihns at