Donald J. Bogue Demography Workshop

Winter 2022 Workshop Schedule + Recordings


Winter 2022  (Zoom link)
Date Presenter Title
January 13
(Week 1)
Tim Cejka, University of Chicago Booth School of Business Long-Run Impacts of In-Utero Ramadan Exposure: Evidence from Administrative Tax Records (recording)
January 20
(Week 2)
Prof. Jinkook Lee, University of Southern California  Health and Aging in India
January 27
(Week 3)
Frank Lin, Johns Hopkins University
Hearing, aging, and public health – from epidemiological insights to the ACHIEVE clinical trial
February 3
(Week 4)
Daniel Rubin
February 10
(Week 5)
GSA Symposium
February 17
(Week 6)
Naoko Muramatsu
February 24
(Week 7)
Laura Finch and Ellen Compernolle
March 3
(Week 8)
Colm O’Muircheartaigh
March 10
(Week 9)
Amy Kind
March 17
(Week 10)
Ishanu Chattopadhyay
Fall 2021 Workshop Schedule + Recordings
Fall 2021 (zoom link)
Date Presenter Title
September 30
(Week 1)
Malte Sandner, Institute for Employment Research Prenatal and Infancy Home Visiting in Germany: 7-Year Outcomes of a Randomized Trial (recording)
October 7
(Week 2)
Orla Doyle, University College Dublin Can Early Intervention have a Sustained Effect on Human Capital? (recording)

October 14
(Week 3) 

Erika Bocknek, Wayne State University  Adaptive Parenting and Children’s Emotional Development in Brilliant Black Families (recording)
October 21
(Week 4)
Rachel Chazan Cohen, University of Connecticut  The promise of two-generation early childhood programs: Evidence from Early Head Start 
October 28
(Week 5)
Miriam Wust, University of Copenhagen  The long-run effects of longer follow-up. Evidence on the importance of childhood health interventions from a historical trial 
November 4
(Week 6)
Victor Ronda, The University of Chicago  The Nurture of Nature and the Nature of Nurture: How Genes and Investments Interact in the Formation of Skills (recording)
November 11
(Week 7)
Pamela Jervis, University of Chile Early Childhood Development Interventions: The case of Psychosocial Stimulation (recording)
November 18
(Week 8)
Alexandra Brentani, Universidade de Sao Paulo Implementation of Reach Up and Learn – based public policy in Brazil: evidence from Boa Vista (recording)

The Donald J. Bogue Demography Workshop is held on Thursdays from 12:30 – 1:50 p.m. in NORC Seminar Room 232/233, located at 1155 East 60th Street, or online (at this Zoom link) for the Fall 2021 quarter. Students, faculty, and all interested researchers are encouraged to attend. To make arrangements for persons needing assistance, please call Adelle Hinojosa at (773) 256-6315.

Since the 1984-85 academic year, the weekly Demography Workshop has played a unique and central role in integrating advanced graduate students into the intellectual life of the demography program of the Committee on Demographic Training (CDT), training graduate students in demographic studies, preparing them for the public presentations of their work which they will face at professional meetings and colloquia, and exposing them to the interdisciplinary intellectual exchange that is central to the practice of contemporary American demography. No other teaching activity at the University of Chicago provides students with intense, regular exposure to interdisciplinary debate about contemporary demographic research.

This workshop series has been named in honor of Donald Bogue. One cannot capture the influence of his career in these pages, but as someone who did groundbreaking work in both demography and urban sociology, and founded the journal Demography in 1964, we thought it fitting to remind each presenter and audience member of his impact on the field. We also note that Professor Bogue was a regular participant in the workshop until his 95th birthday; his collegiality and commitment to our program was evident.

Contact the student coordinator, Claire Kurgan, for any questions: