Human Nature and Potentials Lab

We welcome all types of collaborations. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, joining our lab, participating in our studies or have any questions, please feel free to send an email to, or call us at 773-702-6737.

Our lab is located at 5848 S University Ave., Department of Psychology, UChicago Campus.

In response to the pandemic, we are now testing online! Check out our virtual lab page and sign up!

For Prospective Students

Our lab is committed to provide the best research experience for students. We’re interested to work with students at all levels (undergraduate, master, graduate). Depending on your interests and previous research experience, there are opportunities to get involved in ongoing projects, as well as to develop and lead new projects related to the lab’s research themes. The training and experience in our lab emphasizes both theoretical understanding of the field and rigorous methods for conducting psychological research. We aim to support students to do research that may lead to journal publications, thesis, conference presentations, as well as strong graduate school and job applications. If you’re an undergraduate student, you can email our lab manager Gabriella Silva at about the application. If you are not an undergraduate student, please feel free to send an email to Dr. Fan Yang at

For Parents

Participating in psychology studies is often an interesting experience for children and parents. Our current research involves child participants from age 3 to age 12. If you would like to participate in our studies, you may call us at 773-702-2043 or send us an email to schedule an appointment. In response to the pandemic, we are now testing online! Check out our virtual lab page and sign up!

For School Partners

We are interested to work with children from preschool to elementary school ages. We can visit at any time of the year that is good for your school. We bring all the testing materials needed for our research, and we work with each child individually for about 5-10 minutes in a quite room at the school. We value schools’ participation and support for our research, and we will be happy to present and lecture about our research to teachers, children and parents, as well as discuss other ways that our lab may benefit your school.

What our child studies look like: