Spring 2023: 

March 27: Matt Boyle (UChicago), “Ethics and the First Person Perspective”

April 6: Andrew Beddow (UChicago), “Form and Content in Kant’s Ethics”

April 14: Laurenz Ramsauer (UChicago), “Dehumanization and the Logic of Metaphor”

April 27: Talbot Brewer (University of Virginia), “Imago Demiurge: Toward a Platonic Conception of the Human Being”

May 5: C. Thi Nguyen (University of Utah), “Value Collapse”

May 11: Ben Conroy (UChicago), “Pandas, Chickenpox, and Simian Backaches: The Role of Characteristic Defect in Natural Life”

May 18: Stephen Cunniff (UChicago), “The Means and the End: Aristotle on Phronesis”

Winter 2023:

January 23: Kieran Setiya (MIT), “Human Nature, History, and the Limits of Critique”

February 1: Arron Graham (University of Chicago), “A New Response to Ronald Dworkin’s Objection from Theoretical Disagreement”

February 6: Amy Levine (University of Chicago), “Accountability Beyond Autonomy”

February 20: Paskalina Bourbon (University of Chicago), “The Problem of Inference and the Failed Analogy Between Inference and Action”

Autumn 2022:

October 24: Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen), “Observation, Interaction, Communication: The Role of the Second Person.”

November 14: Greg Brown (University of Chicago), “Human Nature and Reasons for Action.”

November 28: Sam Segal (University of Chicago), “The Priority Problem in Joint Practical Deliberation.”

December 2 (Friday): Jed Lewinsohn (University of Pittsburgh), “The ‘Natural Unintelligibility’ of Normative Powers.” (Joint session with the German Philosophy Workshop – Weibolt 408).

December 5 – Regina Rini (York University), “From Descartes to QAnon: The perils of denying epistemic dependence”

Winter 2022:

Week 5: February 7, Marya Schechtman, The View from Everywhere

Week 6: February 14, Warren Wilson, Nature and Normativity in Rousseau’s Second Discourse  

Week 8: February 28, Patricia Marechal, TBA

Autumn 2021:

Week 3: October 11, John Proios, Plato’s Scientific Feminism

Week 5: October 25Emily Dupree, Revenge

Week 8: November 15, Greg Brown, Desire and Action

Week 9: November 29, Laurenz Ramsauer, Kant’s Racism as a Philosophical Problem

Spring 2021

Monday, May 24: Claudia Hogg-Blake (University of Chicago), “Love and Attachment” 

Monday, May 10: Richard Kim (Loyola University Chicago), “Habituation, Nature, and Sprouts: Aristotle and Mencius on Moral Development”

Monday, April 26: Amy Levine (University of Chicago), “Meaning and Waste”

Friday, April 23: Anselm Müller (emeritus, University of Trier), “Involuntary Rationality”

Winter 2021

Monday, March 15: Ben Laurence (University of Chicago), “Do Human Rights Have a History?”

Monday, March 8, Ben Callard (University of Chicago), “The Ethics of Echo Chambers”

Monday, February 15: Andrew Beddow (University of Chicago), “The Organic Theory of the State: An Account and Defense”

Monday, February 1: Aaron Graham (University of Chicago), “Theoretical Disagreements as Legal Disagreements”

Autumn 2020

Thursday, December 10: Gregory Brown (University of Chicago), “The Use of Reason”

Monday, November 23: Will Small (University of Illinois at Chicago), “The Practicality of Practical Inference”

Monday, November 9: Jenna Zhang (University of Chicago), “‘Ghost in the Machine’: On the Metaphysics of Collective Agents”

Monday, October 26: John Schwenkler (Florida State University), “The Varieties of Causation: A Preliminary Investigation”

Spring 2020

Friday, May 15: Laurenz Ramsauer (University of Chicago), “The Kernel of Truth behind the ‘Inner Morality’ of Law”

Friday, May 8: Jason Bridges (University of Chicago), “Action, Knowledge, and the Place of Reasons”

Friday, May 1: Charlie Capps (University of Chicago), “The Function(s) of Law”

Winter 2020

Friday, February 14: Claudia Hogg-Blake (University of Chicago), “Loving Gracie”

Friday, January 31: Jenna Zhang (University of Chicago), “On the Limits of Commodity Markets: An Eudaimonistic Account of Economic Goods”

Friday, January 17: Warren Wilson (University of Chicago), “Freedom, Alienation and Constitutivism: Lessons from MacKinnon”

Autumn 2019

Friday, December 6: Arnold Brooks (University of Chicago), “Revenge”

Friday, November 22: Greg Brown (University of Chicago), “Anscombe on Deliberation and Practical Syllogism”

Friday, October 25: Sarah Paul (New York University-Abu Dhabi), “Perseverance and Planning in the Face of Doubt”

Friday, October 11: Connie Rosati (University of Arizona), “Welfare and Rational Fit”

Spring 2019

Friday, June 7: Sam Segal (University of Chicago), “Believing and Acting from Trust”

Friday, May 17: Melina Garibović (University of Chicago), “Knowing Another”

Friday, May 3: Meghan Page (Loyola University Maryland), “Divine Creativity and the World Actualization Model”

Friday, April 19: Chris Lebron (Johns Hopkins University), “The Sense and Sensibility of Equality”

Winter 2019

Friday, March 15: Amy Levine (University of Chicago), “Psychoanalysis and “The Difficulty of Reality”: Growing Up with Proust and Kleist”

Thusday, February 28: Dawa Ometto (Universität Leipzig), “The Factivity of Practical Knowledge”

Friday, February 15: Elena Comay del Junco (University of Chicago), “Aristotle and the Ethics of Nature”

Friday, January 18: Nethanel Lipshitz (University of Chicago), “Respect for Persons and the Value of Persons”

Fall 2018

Friday, November 16: Claire Kirwin (University of Chicago), “Value Realism and the Idiosyncrasy of the Practical”

Friday, November 16: Warren Wilson (University of Chicago), “Rousseau’s Paradox of Autonomy”

Friday, November 9: Amia Srinivasan (Oxford University), “On Genealogy”

Friday, November 2: José Medina (Northwestern University), “Resisting Racist Propaganda: Distorted Visual Communication and Epistemic Activism”

Tuesday, October 23: Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College), “Medieval Mystics on Persons: What John Locke Didn’t Tell You”

Friday, October 19: Anne Eaton (University of Illinois, Chicago), “Sex-positive Anti-porn Feminism”

Spring 2018

Week 1: Thursday, March 29: Martha Nussbaum (UChicago), “A toxic brew: Sexism and Misogyny”

Week 3Friday, April 13: Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame), “Time Biases and Rational Planning”

Week 4: Friday, April 27: Andrea Westlund (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), “Relational Autonomy and Practical Authority”

Week 5: Friday May 4: Emily Dupree (UChicago): “Burdens of Proof: Informal Evidentiary Standards and Epistemic Injustice”

Week 8Friday, May 18: Pascal Brixel (UChicago): “Is Freedom One or Many?:

Week 9: Friday, May 25: Charlie Capps: (UChicago): “Three Guises of Intention”

Winter 2017

Week 2: Friday, January 12: Dan Telech (UChicago), “Responsibility as Estimability: Accountability’s (Missing) Counterpart”

Week 3: Friday, January 19: Jamie Edwards (UChicago), “On the Ruling Class and Their Ruling Ideas”

Week 7: Friday, February 2: Rory O’Connell (UChicago), “The Ground of Instrumental Rationality”

Week 8: Friday, February 23: Adrienne Martin (UChicago), “Inter-personal Hope”

Week 10: Thursday, March 8: Tamar Schapiro (MIT), “What Are You Doing When You Are Controlling Yourself?”

Fall 2017

Week 2: Friday, October 6: Nethanel Lipshitz (UChicago), “On the Moral Equality of Stalin and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Week 4: Friday, October 20: Amichai Amit (UChicago), “Identification and Organic Holism of Justification”

Week 5: Monday, October 23: Susan James (Birkbeck College), “Envy and Inequality in Spinoza’s Political Treatise”

Week 6: Friday, November 3: Jason Bridges (UChicago), “Comparison, Teleology, and Practical Reason”

Week 7: Friday, November 10: Marya Schechtman (UIC), “My Whole Life Long: Agency and Diachronic Identity”

Week 8: Friday, November 17: Katie Howe (UChicago), “Proprioceptive Awareness and Practical Utility”

Spring 2017

Week 1: Friday, March 31: Agnes Callard, “The Reason to Be Angry Forever”

Week 2: Thursday, April 6, 3-5pm: L.A. Paul (UNC), “Who Will I Become?”

Week 3: Friday, April 14: Chiara Cordelli, “Prospective Duties and Demands of Beneficence”

Week 4: Friday, April 21: Claire Kirwin, “Value Realism and the First-Person Perspective”

Week 6: Friday, May 5: Meena Krishnamurthy (Michigan), “White Moral Blindness”

Week 7: Friday, May 19: Anastasia Berg, “Moral Education and Moral Evil”

Week 9: Friday, May 26: Stephen White (Northwestern), “What Should You Do When You Think You Won’t Do What You Should Do?”


Winter 2017

Week 4: Friday, January 27: Amichai Amit, “Vitalism: Robust Holism of Ethical Justifications”

Week 6: Friday, February 10: Pascal Brixel, “Freedom and Instrumentality”

Week 7: Friday, February 17: Mathias Risse (Harvard), “Apologia for Justice”

Week 8: Friday, February 24: Francey Russell, “Agency and Dependency”


Fall 2016

Week 2: Friday, October 7: Julie Tannenbaum (Pomona College), “Responsibility Without Wrongdoing or Blame”

Week 4: Friday, October 21: Amos Browne, “Normativism and Action-Explanation”

Week 5: Friday, October 28: Zack Loveless, “Virtue and Satisficing”

Week 7: Friday, November 11: Ben Laurence, “Agents of Change”

Week 8: Friday, November 18: Emilio Comay del Junco, “Racism: Three Types”

Week 10: Friday, December 2, 9am-4:30pm, Rosenwald 405: Philosophy Graduate Research Conference

Spring 2016 – all SQ meetings take place in Wieboldt 408 unless otherwise stated

Apr 1st, 10.30am-12.20pm: Anton Ford (UChicago), “The Province of Human Agency”

Apr 15th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Rory O’Connell (UChicago, grad student), “Thought As Movement”

Special Event: Apr 29th, ***3pm Saieh Hall 021*** Marcia Baron (Indiana University Bloomington) “Rethinking ‘One Thought Too Many’” (Keynote address for Chicagoland Graduate Philosophy Conference)

May 13th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill)

May 20th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Claire Kirwin (UChicago, grad student) CANCELLED

Jun 3rd, 10.30am-12.20pm: Sharon Street (NYU)

Winter 2016 – all WQ meetings take place in Social Science Research Building, room 302

Jan 8th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Derrick Darby (University of Michigan), ‘The Fair Value of Voting Rights’

Jan 29th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Helga Varden (University of Illinois), ‘Giving Him a Second Chance: Talking with Kant on Sex’

Feb 5th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern University), ‘The Inarticulate First Person’

Feb 19th (note revised date), 10.30am-12.20pm: Nethanel Lipshitz (UChicago, grad student), ‘Presenting a “Normative” Theory of Basic Equality’

Feb 26th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Francey Russell (UChicago, grad student), ‘Murkiness is the Rule: on Nomy Arpaly’s Account of Agent Self-Opacity’

Mar 11th,10.30am-12.20pm: Anastasia Artemyev Berg (UChicago, grad student), ‘Kant’s Moral Constitution as Aristotelian Energeia: the Deed outside Time’

Autumn 2015 – all AQ meetings take place in Social Sciences Research Building, room 401, unless otherwise specified

Oct 9th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Jessica Tizzard (UChicago grad student), ‘The Possibility of Kantian Frailty’

***Oct 22nd, 5.15-7.15pm, in Wieboldt 408***: Reshef Agam-Segal (Virginia Military Institute), ‘Clarifying Clarification: Wittgenstein on Moral Clarity’ (joint event with the Wittgenstein Workshop)

Oct 23rd, 10.30am-12.20pm: Dasha Polzik (UChicago, grad student) ‘Two Sources of Autonomy in Rousseau’

Oct 30th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Laurence Thomas (Syracuse), ‘Evolutionary Theory, Self-Command, and the Basic Moral Sentiments’

Nov 13th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Daniel Telech (UChicago, grad student), ‘Generously Guilty’

Nov 20th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Alexander Prescott-Couch (UChicago, Law and Philosophy Fellow), TBA


Spring 2015 – all meetings taking place in Social Science Research Building, room 401

April 3rd, 10.30am-12.20pm: Agnes Callard (UChicago)  “Meeting The Self-Creation Requirement on Moral Responsibility” SS 401

April 24th April 17th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Amichai Amit (UChicago grad student), “Ethics and the meaning of ‘life’”, SS 401

May 1st, 10.30am-12.20pm: David Schweickart (Loyola University Chicago) “Sartre, Camus, and a Marxism for the 21st Century” SS 401

May 15th May 22nd, 10.30am-12.20pm: Jason Bridges (UChicago) “Two Kinds of Mental Causation” SS 401

May 29th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Santiago Mejia, “Self-Knowledge, Commitment, Ambivalence and Moral Development”, SS 401

May 22nd June 5th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Zachary Loveless (UChicago grad student) “Virtue and Acting on Principle” SS 401


Winter 2015

Jan 16th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Anthony Laden (UIC), “A sketch of a social picture of reasoning” SS401

Jan 30th, 10.30am-12.20pm: David Zapero (UChicago), “The Truth of Rigorism and the Origin of the Will”, SS401

Feb 27th Mar 6th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Pascal Brixel (UChicago grad student), “The Philosophical Insignificance of Intuitions about Moral Responsibility”, SS401

Mar 13th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Nishi Shah and Alexander George (Amherst), “Reading Austin Intentionally”, SS401

Mar 20th, 10.30am-12.20pm: Adam Etinson (UChicago), “The Moral vs. Political Debate About Human Rights: A Conceptual Exploration”, SS401

Autumn 2014

Oct 8th, 5-6.30pm: Marcus Willaschek workshop discussing his work on Kant’s Doctrine of Right (PPW / German Philosophy Workshop joint event). Cobb 107

Oct 10th, 10.30am-12.30pm: Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), “Is Kant’s Formula of Autonomy itself ‘Autonomous’?” Cobb 102

Oct 24th, 10.30am-12.30pm: Nir Ben Moshe (Grad student, UChicago), “The Objectivity of Moral Judgment: David Hume’s and Adam Smith’s Moral Points of View” Cobb 102

Nov 14th, 10.30am-12.30pm: Tuomo Tiisala (Grad student, UChicago), “Autonomy, Not Practical Wisdom: Two Ideals of Moral Education” Cobb 102

Nov 21st, 10.30am-12.30pm: Amanda Greene (Law & Philosophy Fellow, UChicago),  “Consent and Political Legitimacy” Cobb 102


Spring 2014

4/4 – Jason Bridges (Chicago) – “Necessitation and Practical Reason”

5/2 – Jonathan Lear (Chicago) – “The Peculiar Conversation: Revised Introduction to Freud (Second Edition)”

5/9 – Dasha Polzik (Chicago, graduate student) – “Moral Freedom From Within in Rousseau’s Emile”

5/30 – Luca Ferrero (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee) – “What is So Special About Agency? Inescapability Revisited ”

6/6 – Claire Kirwin (Chicago, graduate student) – “Going Wrong By One’s Own Lights: Why Metaethical Constructivism Doesn’t Work”

Winter 2014

1/24 – Sarah Conly (Bowdoin College & Chicago) – “One Child:  Do We Have a Right to More?”

2/5 – Ariel Zylberman (McGill) – “The Juridical Epigenesis of Reason: Life, Second-personal Dignity, and Human Rights” * Joint Session with the Human Rights Workshop*

2/7 – Nancy Sherman (Georgetown) – “Moral Recovery After War: The Role of Hope”

2/14 – Nethanel Lipshitz (Chicago, graduate student) – “Formal Equality and Fundamental Equality”

3/7 – Dhananjay Jagannathan (Chicago, graduate student) – “Having the End in View: Why We Need Universal Principles in Deliberation and Practical Reasoning”

Fall 2013

10/18 – Charles Mills (Northwestern) – “Decolonizing Western Political Philosophy”  *Irregular Week*

11/8 – Mark Schroeder (USC) – “The Price of Supervenience”

11/15 – Kate Abramson (Indiana University) – “Virtues, Natural Abilities, and Aspects of Mental Health: Lessons from Hume”  *Irregular Week*

11/22 – Stephen Shortt (Chicago, graduate student) – “The Disappearing Other: The Vacancy of Darwall’s Second-Person Standpoint”

12/6 & 12/7 – Philosophy Graduate Research Conference featuring three past speakers at the PPW: David Holiday, Mark Hopwood, Joe Jubenow (Chicago, graduate students)

Spring 2013

4/10 (16:30-18:00, Social Sciences 224) – Rahel Jaeggi (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) – “What (if Anything) Is Wrong with Capitalism? Three Paths of the Critique of Capitalism”  *Joint Session with the Human Rights Workshop*

4/19 – Tim Scanlon (Harvard) – “Metaphysical Objections to Normative Truth” 

4/26 – Zack Loveless (Chicago, graduate student) – “‘Consequentialism’ in and after “Modern Moral Philosophy””

5/10 – Jason Bridges (Chicago) – “The Ecology of Reasons”

 5/24 – John Bengson (University of Wisconsin at Madison) – “Practical Perception”

6/7 – Jonny Thakkar (Chicago, graduate student) – “Plato As Critical Theorist: Craftsmanship and Moneymaking in Adam Smith, Karl Marx and Michael Mann”

Winter 2013

1/18 – Nir Ben Moshe (Chicago, graduate student) – “How to Solve “The Moral Problem”: Why Humeans should not Aspire to be Kantians”

2/1 – Jennifer Johnson (Chicago, graduate student) – “Striving and Unity in Aristotelian Virtue” 

2/15 – Sarah Buss (University of Michigan) – “The Possibility of Action as the Impossibility of Certain Forms of Self-alienation”

3/1 – Elijah Millgram (University of Utah) – “Millian Metaethics”

3/8 – Justin Coates (Chicago, Law and Philosophy Fellow) – “Freedom and Resentment in the Key of Kant”

3/15 – Alyssa Luboff (Chicago, graduate student) – “Three Kinds of Universal”

Fall 2012

10/12 – Sally Sedgwick (UIC) – “Freedom and Necessity in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right and Philosophy of History

10/26 – Santiago Mejia (Chicago, graduate student) – “On Why Self-Knowledge is Important for Iris Murdoch’s Project”

11/9 – Martin Gustafsson (Abo Akademi University) – “Anscombe’s Bird, Wittgenstein’s Cat: Intention, Expression and Convention”

11/16 – Joe Lubenow (Chicago, graduate student) –  “Rawls as a Rights Theorist” 

11/30 – Ben Laurence (Chicago) – “The Priority of Ideal Theory”   

Spring 2012

4/6 – David Holiday (Chicago, graduate student) – ”Unthinkable, Unconscionable, Impossible: The Morality of Incapacity”

4/20 – Benjamin McKean (Chicago) –  ”Justice and Social Order in the Political Realisms of Raymond Geuss and Bernard Williams”

5/4 – Russ Shafer-Landau (Wisconsin-Madison) – ”How Do the Origins of Our Moral Beliefs Affect their Credibility?”

5/18 – Talbot Brewer (University of Virginia) – title tbc

6/1 – Julie Cooper (University of Chicago, Dept of Political Science) – “A Diasporic Critique of Diasporism”

Winter 2012

1/13 – Rafeeq Hasan (Chicago, graduate student) – “Self-Respect, Solidarity, and the Demands of Justice”

1/20 – David Estlund (Distinguished Visiting Professor of Political Philosophy and Lombardo Family Professor of Humanities at Brown University) – title tbc

1/27 – Will Small (Chicago, graduate student) – “Success and Failure in Action”

2/10 – Joe Lubenow (Chicago, graduate student; joint session w/ Human Rights workshop) – “Raz and the Interest Theory of Rights”

2/24 – Mark Hopwood (Chicago, graduate student) – tbc

3/9 – Anton Ford (Chicago): “The Province of Human Agency”

Fall 2011

10/7 – Lisa Hicks (University of Chicago, graduate student) – ‘The Kernel of Man:  Schopenhauerian Echoes in Nietzsche’s Account of the Self’

10/21 – Jose Torralba (University of Navarra, visiting scholar at the University of Chicago) – ‘Brute Facts and the Intentionality of Action’

11/4 – Nate Zuckerman (University of Chicago, graduate student) – title tbc

11/18 – Piergiorgio Donatelli (Sapienza Università di Roma) – ‘Reshaping Ethics After Wittgenstein’

12/2 – Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern University) – title tbc

Spring 2011

Weds 3/30 (1st week) – Micah Lott (graduate student; special recruitment week workshop – meets in Wiebolt 408)

Fri 4/8 (2nd week) – David Sussman (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Fri 5/6 (6th week) – Anselm Mueller (emeritus, University of Trier) *Rescheduled for Friday May 13th*

Fri 5/13 (7th week) – Robert Adams (UNC Chapel Hill) *Canceled*

Fri 6/3 (10th week) – Will Small (graduate student)

All meetings are 10.30am – 12.20pm, and meet in Rosenwald 405 unless otherwise stated.

Winter 2011

Jan 14th – Jennifer Lockhart (Chicago, graduate student): “A Jewel that Shines by its Own Light: The Good Will and Moral Luck”

Jan 28th – Rafeeq Hasan (Chicago, graduate student): “Politics, Property, and Personhood: Rousseau Contra Kant”

Feb 18th – Agnes Callard (Chicago): “Remoralizing Weakness of Will”

Mar 4th – Dasha Polzik (Chicago, graduate student): title tbc

Mar 11th – David Sussman (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign): title tbc

Fall 2010

10/8 – A.J. Julius (UCLA) – “To Do With Others”

10/15 – Micah Lott (Chicago) – “Human Economy and Global Justice”

10/29 – **CANCELED** Charles Todd (Chicago) – “Two Kinds of Defect”

11/12 – Erica Holberg (Chicago) – “Common Sense and the Experience of Pleasure in Aristotle, Kant, and Sidgwick”

11/19 – Paul Weithman (Notre Dame) – “Legitimacy and the Project of Political Liberalism

12/3 – Ryan Long (Chicago) – title tbc

Spring 2010

Mar 31st – Will Small (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Intention and Cognition” – Cobb 116

NOTE: This workshop will be held on Wednesday evening from 4.30pm – 6.20pm

Apr 9th – Ryan Long (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Fixing Egalitarian Appeals to Responsibility” – Classics 405

Apr 16th – Niko Kolodny (Berkeley) – Classics 405

May 7th – Rafeeq Hasan (Chicago, Graduate Student) – Classics 405

May 28th – Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore) – Classics 405

June 4th – Martha Nussbaum (Chicago) – Classics 405

Winter 2010

Jan 15th – Micah Lott (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Moral Virtue as Knowledge of Human Form” – Classics 405

Jan 29th – Jonathan Garthoff (Northwestern): “Mimicking Korsgaard” (Joint session with Modern Philosophy Workshop) – Classics 405

Feb 5th – Kristen Boyce (Chicago, Graduate Student): “The Thinking Body:
Philosophy, Dance and Modernism” – Classics 405

Feb 12th – Joe Lubenow (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Gewirth and Marginal Agents” – Classics 405

Feb 26th – Charles Todd (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Skepticism about the Good” – Classics 405

Fall 2009

Oct 16th – Erica Holberg (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Apparent Pleasures and the Human Good in the Nicomachean Ethics” – Classics 405

Oct 23rd – Jonathan Lear (Chicago): “Becoming Human Is Not That Easy” – Rosenwald 015

Oct 30th – Jay Elliott (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Tight Corners and the Need for Virtues” – Classics 405

Nov 20th – Richard Kraut (Northwestern): “Against Absolute Goodness” – Rosenwald 015

Dec 4th – Jenn Lockhart (Chicago, Graduate Student): “Kierkegaard’s Indirect Communication as Ethical Teaching” – Classics 405