*Unless otherwise noted all meetings will be from 10:30am-12:20pm in Wieboldt 408

Fall 2018

Week 3: Friday, October 19: Anne Eaton (University of Illinois, Chicago), “A Sex-positive Anti-porn Feminism”

Week 4: Tuesday, October 23: Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College), “Medieval Mystics on Persons: What John Locke Didn’t Tell You” ** Please note the unusual day, time, and location: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Classics 110

Week 5: Friday, November 2: José Medina (Northwestern University), “Resisting Racist Propaganda: Distorted Visual Communication and Epistemic Activism”

Week 6: Friday, November 9: Amia Srinivasan (Oxford University), “On Genealogy”

Week 7: Friday, November 16: Warren Wilson (University of Chicago), “Rousseau’s Paradox of Autonomy”

Week 9: Friday, November 30: Claire Kirwin (University of Chicago),  “Value Realism and the Idiosyncrasy of the Practical”

Winter 2019

Week 2: Friday, January 18: Nethanel Lipshitz (University of Chicago), “Respect”

Week 4: Friday, February 01: Francey Russell (Yale University)“Toward a Critical Theory of Self-Knowledge”

Week 6: Friday, February 15: Elena Comay del Junco (University of Chicago), “Aristotle and the Ethics of Nature”

Week 8: Thursday, February 28: Dawa Ometto (Universität Leipzig), “The
Factivity of Practical Knowledge” **Please note this talk will take place from 5:30pm-7:20pm in Cobb 216

Week 10: Friday, March 15: Amy Levine (University of Chicago), “Psychoanalysis and “The Difficulty of Reality”: Growing Up with Proust and Kleist” **Please note this talk will take place from 9:30am-11:20am

Spring 2019

Week 1: Friday, April 5: Matthias Haase (University of Chicago), “Knowing by Doing”

Week 3: Friday, April 19: Chris Lebron (Johns Hopkins University), “The Sense and Sensibility of Equality”

Week 5: Friday, May 3: Meghan Page (Loyola University Maryland), “Divine Creativity”

Week 7: Friday, May 17: Melina Garibovic (University of Chicago), “Knowing Another”

Week 10: Friday, June 7: Sam Segal (University of Chicago), “Believing and Acting from Trust”









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