The Practical Philosophy Workshop meets Thursday evenings. Unless otherwise noted, the workshop meets from 6:00-8:00 in the Cobb Hall, Room 107.

Spring 2023:

March 27: Matt Boyle (UChicago), “Ethics and the First Person Perspective”

April 6: Andrew Beddow (UChicago), “Form and Content in Kant’s Ethics”

April 14: Laurenz Ramsauer (UChicago), “Dehumanization and the Logic of Metaphor”

April 27: Talbot Brewer (University of Virginia), “Imago Demiurge: Toward a Platonic Conception of the Human Being”

May 5: C. Thi Nguyen (University of Utah), “Value Collapse”

May 11: Ben Conroy (UChicago), “Pandas, Chickenpox, and Simian Backaches: The Role of Characteristic Defect in Natural Life”

May 18: Stephen Cunniff (UChicago), “The Means and the End: Aristotle on Phronesis”

Winter 2023:

January 23: Kieran Setiya (MIT), “Human Nature, History, and the Limits of Critique”

February 1: Arron Graham (University of Chicago), “A New Response to Ronald Dworkin’s Objection from Theoretical Disagreement”

February 6: Amy Levine (University of Chicago), “Accountability Beyond Autonomy”

February 20: Paskalina Bourbon (University of Chicago), “The Problem of Inference and the Failed Analogy Between Inference and Action”

Autumn 2022:

October 24: Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen), “Observation, Interaction, Communication: The Role of the Second Person.”

November 14: Greg Brown (University of Chicago), “Human Nature and Reasons for Action.”

November 28: Sam Segal (University of Chicago), “The Priority Problem in Joint Practical Deliberation.”

December 2 (Friday): Jed Lewinsohn (University of Pittsburgh), “The ‘Natural Unintelligibility’ of Normative Powers.” (Joint session with the German Philosophy Workshop – Weibolt 408).

December 5 – Regina Rini (York University), “From Descartes to QAnon: The perils of denying epistemic dependence”


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