The Practical Philosophy Workshop meets on Mondays from 10:30am-12:20pm in Pick Hall, Room 222, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2023: 

October 16: John Muller (UChicago), “Settledness and the Disability Theorist”

October 23: Laurenz Ramsauer (UChicago), “The Efficacy Puzzle”

November 3: Jed Lewinsohn (Pittsburgh, UChicago Law), “The ‘Natural Intelligibility’ of Normative Powers”

***** This workshop will be held jointly with the German Philosophy Workshop and will take place in Wieboldt Hall, Room 408 from 3-5:20pm.

November 13: Kristen De Man (UChicago), “The Value of Human Life”

November 27: Claire Kirwin (Northwestern), “”Realism, Disagreement, and Moral Knowledge”

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