The Practical Philosophy Workshop meets Monday mornings. Unless otherwise noted, the workshop meets from 10:30-12:20 in the Social Sciences Research Building, Room 401.

Spring 2022:

April 1: Matthias Haase, Truth in Action, 3:00-5:20, Wieboldt 408

April 4: Amy Levine, Skepticism, Deliberation and Anxiety

April 18: Nandi Theunissen, The New Mooreans

May 2: Baptiste Cornardeau, Education and Vocation in Democracy CANCELLED.

May 9: Sarah Buss, The Impossibility of Reconciling Constitutivist Accounts of Practical Reasons with the Unity of Human Agency

May 16: Chike Jeffers, Du Bois’ Darkwater and the Power of Religious Language and Imagery

May 23: David Haundschmid, On the Paradox of the Law

May 30: Laurenz Ramsauer, TBA

June 1, Wednesday 4:00-6:00: Cora Diamond, TBA (with the German Philosophy Workshop) CANCELLED. 




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