Unless otherwise indicated, we meet on Fridays, 10:30am-12:20pm in Cobb 102.

Spring 2017

Week 1: Friday, March 31: Agnes Callard, “The Reason to Be Angry Forever”

Week 2: Thursday, April 6, 3-5pm: L.A. Paul (UNC), “Who Will I Become?”

Week 3: Friday, April 14: Chiara Cordelli, “Prospective Duties and Demands of Beneficence”

Week 4: Friday, April 21: Claire Kirwin, “Value Realism and the First-Person Perspective”

Week 6: Friday, May 5: Meena Krishnamurthy (Michigan), “White Moral Blindness”

Week 7: Friday, May 19: Anastasia Berg, “Moral Education and Moral Evil”

Week 9: Friday, May 26: Stephen White (Northwestern), “What Should You Do When You Think You Won’t Do What You Should Do?”

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