*Unless otherwise noted all meetings will be from 10:30am-12:20pm in Social Science 401

Winter 2017

Week 2: Friday, January 12: Daniel Telech, “Responsibility as Estimability: Accountability’s (Missing) Counterpart”

Week 3: Friday, January 19: Jamie Edwards, “On the Ruling Class and Their Ruling Ideas”

Week 7: Friday, February 16: Rory O’Connell, “The Ground of Instrumental Rationality”

Week 8: Friday, February 23: Adrienne Martin (Claremont McKenna), “Normative Hope and Shared Agency: Ideas in Progress” *Note different time: 2pm, SS 302

*Week 10: Thursday, March 08: Tamar Schapiro (MIT), “What Are You Doing When You Are Controlling Yourself?” *Department Colloquium, 3:30pm-5:30pm, MS 112


Spring 2018

*Week 1: Thursday, March 29: Martha Nussbaum, “A Toxic Brew: Sexism and Misogyny” *Note different time and location: 10:00am-11:45am, Stuart Hall 102

Week 3: Friday, April 13: Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame), TBD

Week 5: Friday, April 27: Andrea Westlund (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), TBD

Week 6: Friday, May 04: Emily Dupree, “Burdens of Proof: Informal Evidentiary Standards and Epistemic Injustice”

Week 8: Friday, May 18: Pascal Brixel, “Is Freedom One or Many?”

Week 9: Friday, May 25: Charlie Capps: “Three Guises of Intention”








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