University of Chicago Crew Club



Varsity Men (2022 – 2023)

Name Position Hometown Major Year
Aiden Bailey Port, Starboard, Scull Norristown, PA Mathematics, Computer Science 3rd
Alexander Urquhart Port, Starboard, Scull Brooklyn, NY Economics (Data Science), Classical Studies 3rd
Ben Phillips Starboard, Scull Denver, CO Economics, History 2nd
Ben Slovin Port Los Angeles, CA Economics, Arabic, History 2nd
Gabriel Estrella dos Anjos Port, Starboard, Scull Porto Alegre, Brazil Molecular Engineering 3rd
Hanling Liao Port China Economics, Political Science 2nd
Isak Moon Port, Starboard Seattle, Washington Business Economics; English & Creative Writing Minor 3rd
Neel McDonald Port, Starboard, Scull Economics, Psychology 4th
Raphael Stone Starboard, Scull Austin, TX Molecular Engineering 3rd


Varsity Women (2022 – 2023)

Name Position Hometown Major Year
Anna Murchie  Port, Starboard Lancaster, PA Economics 2nd
Arlie Jackson Starboard, Scull San Francisco, CA Computer Science 2nd
Bridget O’Shea Port, Starboard, Scull Cleveland, OH Psychology, Human Rights 3rd
Claire Scott Starboard Northfield, IL Biochemistry, Chemisty 4th
Elizabeth Ugan Port, Starboard, Scull Longwood, FL Law, Letters, and Society 3rd
Isadora Kron Port, Starboard, Scull Miami, FL Environmental & Urban Studies, Public Policy Studies 4rd
Kirthi Swamy Coxswain San Jose, CA Economics, Biology 3rd
Lourdes Benencia Courreges Port, Starboard Athens, OH Linguistics 2nd
Polly Ren Port, Starboard, Scull Los Angeles, CA Economics 2nd
Rocio Jerez Port, Starboard New York, NY Neuroscience 3rd
Sofia Hrycyszyn Coxswain Boston, MA Pre-Med


Novice Men (2022 – 2023)

Name Hometown Major Year
Abdurrahman Waajid Molecular Engineering 1st
Aidan Parker New York, NY Computer Science, Data Science 2nd
Albert Chu Math, Computer Science 2nd
Gabriel Loredo Astrophysics, Math 1st
Gabriel True Economics, Computer Science 2nd
Henry Knapp Astrophysics, Math 1st
Keith Leight Economics 1st
Kristian Rage Payne Anthropology 1st
Noah Lee Undecided 1st
Steven Wu Physics 3rd

Novice Women (2022 – 2023)

Name Hometown Major Year
Anna Bonnem Undecided 1st
Avery Schoen San Francisco, CA Data Science 3rd
Camila Levey Econonics, Public Policy 1st
Cellestine Harig Mathematics 1st
Josie Barboriak Durham, NC Public Policy, Statistics 1st
Katharine Richardson Undecided 1st
Layla Mravac Molecular Engineering 1st
Mira Shi Economics 1st
Nuhamin Tekie Environmental and Urban Studies 4th
Qianye Wu Physics 1st
Rory O’Hollaren Fundamentals 4th
Stella Anderson Undecided 1st