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Named UChicago Science of Learning Center
An endowment gift will name the UChicago Science of Learning Center. A gift at this level will provide the catalyst necessary to connect the University’s assets and support research on learning that brings together researchers and practitioners and is scientifically grounded to span disciplines, intellectual traditions, and methodologies. It will help us to coordinate efforts across campus and build the connections necessary for faculty and students to launch ambitious and impactful research projects and interventions designed to improve learning outcomes. The gift will provide ongoing support for those research projects and the connections necessary to bring researchers together with policy makers and practitioners.

An endowed gift will create a named learning research Professorship. Our senior faculty open up new lines of discovery that drive conversations on fundamental questions in their fields and shape the overall direction of the research both on campus and off. They enrich the intellectual community on campus through their teaching and mentoring, enable opportunities for students and junior colleagues through their own global research connections and partnerships, and shape the global discussion in their areas of expertise.

Assistant Professorship
An endowed gift will create a named learning research Assistant Professorship. Our ability to competitively recruit, mentor, and support the research ambitions of the next generation of learning scholars will shape the overall direction of the research. Early-career scholars enrich the intellectual community on campus, refine their own work in Chicago’s culture of discussion and debate, and provide the foundation for future leadership.

Doctoral Training
An endowed gift will support doctoral training in learning research. This fund will augment a student’s fellowship and provide research funds in order to ensure that these graduate students would have opportunities to pursue truly ambitious research. Fellowship will help us recruit what are clearly the most promising young thinkers and offer them access to people, ideas, and resources that only the Center can provide.

Learning Research Fund
An endowed fund will create a named Fund for Learning Research Seed Grants. In the current funding environment, the most innovative work often takes years even to achieve seed funding. The Division of the Social Sciences seeks to attract funding for core areas of learning research, focused on enabling the high-risk, high-reward research into the questions that help generate our knowledge and understanding of how we learn.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships
An expendable fund will create a named provide post-doctoral fellowship. These recent Ph.D.s in the field will join the program in non-tenure track research positions to advance significant research in social psychology.  They will also perform a limited amount of graduate and undergraduate teaching.

Science of Learning Research Funds
We seek expendable funds to support research projects in each of the four focus areas for the Center: Identifying Learning Principles and Mechanisms, Characterizing Learning Trajectories, Changing Learning Trajectories, and Developing Powerful Analytical Tools. These funds will enable researchers to both expand promising lines and explore new lines of inquiry.