Programs & Initiatives

In the Lab

Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center (SILC): SILC brings together scientists and educators from many diferent institutions to pursue the overarching goals of:

  • Understanding spatial learning 
  • Using this knowledge to develop programs and technologies that will transform educational practice, helping learners to develop the skills required to compete in a global economy.

The Center for Gesture, Sign, and Language is developing tools to describe, analyze, and store visual representations. Visualization skills have been associated with success in the STEM disciplines, creating a natural synergy with SILC.

In the Home

Bedtime Math: Bedtime Learning Together examines how parent-child engagement in math problem solving, delivered by an app can support math achievement and break the inter-generational transmission of high math anxiety and low math achievement.

Language Development Project (LDP): The LDP is a longitudinal study that explores the language-learning process in typically developing children and children with early brain injury, examining the role of biological and input factors.

TMW Center for Early Learning & Public Health: The TMW Center, an outgrowth of the Thirty Million Words Project, is aimed at helping parents understand the power of their words and how to harness that power to build their child’s brain and shape their child’s future.

In the School & Classroom

Successful Pathways From School to Work: Successful Pathways From School to Work supports research on how to better prepare urban youth with the skills, dispositions, and experiences essential for success in the modern labor market. (Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization)

Getting on Track for Early School Success Getting on Track for Early School Success supports development of teacher-administered math and literacy assessments that enhance instruction and learning in preschool children. (Heising-Simons Foundation and Foundation for Child Development)