Join our RSO! (Division D)

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Fall Quarter 2019 meeting schedule

Come find us at Harper 145 on Mondays, 7 pm. Sometimes there is food?

We are a group of students who couldn’t give up Science Olympiad after high school, so now we’re in Division D. 

Elections are chill and are usually held within the first 2 weeks of the quarter. Run for a position! If you want to join after elections, just come to our meetings.

The time commitment is up to you depending on the position. For exec board positions, expect to give 1-2 extra hours/week beyond the weekly meeting, with it increasing to 4-5 hours/week for the few weeks preceding the invitational (don’t worry, you’re on winter break!). For event supervisors, the time commitment is just how long it takes you to write your exam and proctor the exam on the day of the competition. For invitational volunteers, just show up for a few hours on the invite day. We will not speak of the tournament directors’ time commitments.

If you have any questions, email


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