The Semiotics Workshop is pleased to announce its 2014 Spring Quarter Theme and Schedule:
“Scaling Back”
In the Spring Quarter, we continue our attention to the bridging of disparate contexts, but focus on the particular challenges of theorizing the junction of scalar differences. On the one hand, we will attend to negotiations between micro and macro scales; between individuals and nations, states and groups, interactions and institutions. We are interested here in how these interactions are grounded across scale. On the other hand, we are here dealing with the question of transduction: on the appearance of sameness over scales, that is, over synecdochically-figurated contexts.
April 10th – “Kujenga Mayuts (Building the Youth): Managing ‘youth’ in a Kenyan comic book”
Elizabeth Brummel Phd Candidate, Anthropology
Univ. of Chicago
Discussant: Janet Connor
Collegiate Assistant Professor, Society of Fellows, Anthropology
Univ. of Chicago
Discussant: Chris Bloechl
May 8th – “Why Can’t Asians Speak Good English?”
Adrienne Lo
Associate Professor, Anthropology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
May 22nd – “When is a dick a dick? Love and hate in the Israeli Controlled Territories”
Yaqub Hilal
PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Univ. of Chicago
May 29th – “The Stakes of Storytelling: Hip Hop Historiography and Narrating an Ex-YU Scene”
Owen Kohl PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Univ. of Chicago
June 5th – “Language in Revolutionary Moments: Army Myths and Public Crises”
Menna Khalil
PhD Student, Anthropology
Univ. of Chicago