The Linguistic Anthropology Lab hosts speakers and students for informal discussions of works-in-progress and work process in research on language/signs in social contexts. The lab is organized around three main functions:


  1.  Data Sessions and Presentations: we host speakers (students and faculty) for informal discussions of works-in-progress regarding language/signs in social contexts. This includes the review of multimodal/video data, preliminary transcripts, practice job talks, and test-run conference presentations, among other (exciting!) things.
  2. Seminar Room and Workspace: our seminar room and a workroom are available for collaborative and independent work. The rooms are located on the third floor of Haskell Hall, Rooms 301 and 302.
  3. Equipment and Software: the lab holds a collection of equipment and software for recording, transcribing, coding, and annotating data in a range of formats (video, audio, photographic, etc.).



Yukun Zeng


2022-23 Lab Coordinator



2022-23 Event Schedule



Jan 18, 5-6:30 pm

Peer-to-Peer Skill-sharing: Urgent Ethnography in Action

Arnaaz Khwaja, Alex Shams, Yang Zhao, Yukun Zeng, Josh Babcock


Jan 20, noon-1:30 pm

In Speech and In Action: Gender, Globalization, and the Ethics of Exchange in Eastern Indonesia

Rafadi Hakim


Jan 27, noon-1:30 pm

Sociophonetics for Anthropologists Part 1: Intro to Phonetics & Praat

Anna-Marie Sprenger


Feb 3, noon-1:30 pm

Sociophonetics for Anthropologists Part 2: Vowels

Anna-Marie Sprenger


Feb 10, noon-1:30 pm

Sociophonetics for Anthopologists Part 3: Consonants

Anna-Marie Sprenger


Feb 17, noon-1:30 pm

Sociophonetics for Anthropologists Part 4: Suprasegmentals 

Anna-Marie Sprenger


1007 Kick-off Social

1021 Data session with Anna-Marie Sprenger

1104 Data session with Grigory Gorbun

1116 The First Workshop on Urgent Ethnography with Josh Babcock and Yukun Zeng




Also Relevant: Semiotics Workshop


The Semiotics Workshop seeks to advance research based on a semiotic framework. Presentations will come from a variety of fields including but not limited to linguistics, psychology, sociology, political science, literary theory, and anthropology. By not limiting the topic of research by area, period or discipline, the workshop encourages discussion to center on how to study social and cultural phenomena as embedded in a meaningful context. By building on many seminal studies that have used semiotic approaches, the goal of the workshop is to continue to develop the rigorous analytic framework that provides the method for clearly defining linkages between the object of analysis and its context.

for more information, please visit: https://voices.uchicago.edu/semiotics/