winter 2018 schedule

5 thursdays from 6-7.30 pm @ wilder house (5811 s kenwood ave)
light refreshments will be served!

january 11 Corporate Forensics: The Rise of Corporate Power as an Object of Criminal Punishment in Colombia

Alejandra Azuero, PhD Student in Anthropology, University of Chicago & SJD, Harvard Law School

january 25 Stuart Hall’s Marx Essays: Method as Metaphor

J. Dakota Brown, PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and
Public Culture, Northwestern University

february 8 Aspirational Histories: The Making and Re-making of the Third-World Cosmopolitan in Sino-African Beijing

Jay Schutte, PhD Candidate in Anthropology,
University of Chicago

february 22 Experimental Futures and ‘Impossible Professions’: Psychoanalysis, Education, and Politics in Interwar Vienna, 1918-1938

Phillip Henry, PhD Candidate in History,
University of Chicago

march 1 **note special time 6:30-8 pm**
Sustainability: Endangerment, Threat, and the Policing of Urban Natures in China

Victoria Nguyen, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University of Chicago

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Fall 2017 Schedule

social theory workshop
fall 2017
october 5
The Social Lives of the Philosophes: The Case of the Abbé Morellet
From the book manuscript tentatively titled Eighteenth Century Capitalism and the Cultural Origins of the French Revolution
William Sewell, Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science, UChicago
october 12
“Political Danger” and Private Property: Colonial Land Management in Nineteenth Century British India
Fahad Sajid, PhD Candidate in Political Science, UChicago
october 26
Land Grabbing and the Contradictions of Sovereign Territory
Anna Jurkevics, PhD Candidate in Political Theory, Yale
november 16 
Zapatista Civic Pedagogy: The Accumulation of Struggle in the Zapatista Conjuncture
Manolo Callahan, Lecturer in Mexican American Studies, San Jose State
november 30
Liberal Justice and its Victims
Yaqub Hilal, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, UChicago
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Spring 2017 Schedule

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Winter 2017 Schedule

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Social Theory Workshop – Updated Autumn 2016 Schedule

We have made some changes to the Autumn 2016 schedule.  The revised version is below.stw-autumn-2016-schedule-revised

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Social Theory Workshop Autumn 2016 Schedule

The Social Theory Workshop is excited to share this quarter’s schedule.  Check it out below.


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Social Theory Workshop Autumn 2016 Call for Papers

A new academic year is almost upon us and our call for papers is out.

We are currently accepting paper proposals for 2016-17 with a priority for those interested in presenting during Autumn (October through December) although those interested in the Winter and Spring will also be considered. Please send a short abstract or brief description along with a tentative title of your paper to by Friday, September 2nd. If your proposal is accepted, your paper will be due one week prior to your specific workshop date. We ask that workshop papers take the form of unfinished and/or unpublished works-in-progress. Forms of typical workshop papers include dissertation chapters, drafts of journal articles or book chapters, MA theses, and dissertation proposals.

In past years, our conversations at the workshop have addressed topics that include:

  • the relation between social and cultural transformations;
  • the politics of work and time;
  • feminism and contemporary capitalism;
  • the changing nature of global finance and financial crisis;
  • mass unemployment and the automation of production;
  • varieties of historical and contemporary religious, nationalist, and socialist political and social movements;
  • contemporary trends in global immigration;
  • social theories of race and ethnicity;
  • psychoanalysis as social theory;
  • the relation between colonialism and the global expansion of capital,
  • and, conceptual issues posed by neoliberalism.
The workshop will be scheduled from 6-8pm on alternate Thursdays at the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory (3CT) (Wilder House, 5811 S. Kenwood Ave) with light food and refreshments. Papers are distributed in advance via our mailing list. To subscribe, visit
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Next Session: Thursday, May 12th

Please join us for the Social Theory Workshop, next Thursday, May 12th, at 6pm (Wilder House, 5811 S Kenwood Ave)

“Finance and its Temple: The Bourse and Anti-Semitism  in Second Empire France”

Charlotte Robertson

PhD Student, Department of History, University of Chicago

All papers will be distributed in advance of the workshops via the Social Theory Workshop list serv. To join this list serv go to: and search for “Social Theory”

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Spring 2016 Schedule

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Winter 2016 schedule

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