6/7/21 – Trans Femme Noise: Roundtable Discussion with Cae Monae, Him Hun, and Zola Makeda

Please join the Theater and Performance Studies Workshops for

Trans Femme Noise: Roundtable Discussion with Cae Monae, Him Hun, and Zola Makeda

Each artist will share a short screening of their work, followed by a discussion, moderated by TAPS/Music PhD Candidate Eva Pensis. There will be a Q&A with audience.

Monday, June 7th,

3:30-5:00PM CT

* please note that this is not our usual time *

Register here for Zoom Webinar. 

We are committed to making our workshop fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Please direct any questions or concerns to the workshop coordinators, Arianna Gass (ariannagass@uchicago.edu) and Catrin Dowd (catrindowd@uchicago.edu).

Cae Monāe is a Digital Artist with a focus on cosmetics, music and fantasy. She moved to Chicago in 2012 to study Fashion Business + Fine Art. She thrust herself into Chicago’s Queer Nightlife where she took the microphone to bring a new genre of performance to the scene. In 2014, she began producing music and released her first EP which explored an industrial soundscape topped with poetry, an interview with Eartha Kitt and a transsexual vaginal examination. In 2016, she moved to South Bronx, New York where she lived in a funeral home and dabbled in mortuary cosmetology. Today, she’s exploring a new life of digital creation that combines her cosmetics, music and fashion into a transgressive fantasy she envisions for the future of Black Trans Women in Art.

Website | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Him Hun also known as Harmen Hun is a multidisciplinary artist ranging from sounds to visuals to performances and everything in between. Hailing from the midwest she has made her way all through the united states playing legendary venues like Smartbar, Nowadays, Berlin and many more. Her art knows no boundaries and her creativity has no limits! Him is a force like no other, the eerie yet soft and melodic hardcore in your face feminine sounds that she produces keeps you on your toes leading you on a twisted journey into the darkness and back. Visually her everlasting everchanging appearance will leave you entranced for more, more, and more. Be careful though, Him Hun will pull you into her dimension and you may never come back. Trust me, you won’t want to, she’s addictive.

 Zola Makeda: A Black, Queer, Trans Woman, Chicago-born, hailing from Wrightwood, with an ardent drive for her overall mission to utilize music, performance, & organizing to deliver healing, strength, self love, and pride to other QTPOC. She wants those within the black trans experience to feel valued, beautiful, and confident in their identities. For, within the most strenuous and challenging portions of her existence as a Queer and Trans person, the medium in which she found healing & fortitude was music. She feels it is her duty to give as much as she can to others who feel the pain she once felt and still battles so they can find solace in the midst of their struggle, by utilizing that same musical prowess.


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