Current Students


JOHN PARK: John became interested in how temporal fluctuations influence life history evolution and community composition after noting patterns of biting flies on the Canadian Tundra while doing research there on snow geese and small mammals. He is now exploring responses of the high tide pool copepod Tigriopus on Tatoosh Island and the adjacent mainland to regimes of wave wash, pool drying, temperature stress and rainfall by combining experiments and observations in tide pools with demographic modeling.  Publications involving work done while at U. of Chicago include:

Park, J.S. 2017. A race against time: habitat alteration by snow geese prunes the seasonal sequence of mosquito emergence in a subaractic brackish landscape. Polar Biology 40:553-561.

Park, J.S. 2019.  Cyclical environments drive variation in life history strategies: a general theory of cyclical phenology.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286.