Undergraduate Researchers

Niles Guthrie.  Stream ecology, phoretic midges on mayflies.

Erik Noonburg (Ph.D. UC Santa Barbara; on faculty of Florida Atlantic University).  Stream ecology

Margaret Pizer  (PhD Stony Brook). Stream ecology.

Carmen Bailey  (Policy Analyst. Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office). Stream ecology, amphibian invasions.

Jennifer Sheridan (MS University of Miami, PhD UC San Diego, Assistant Curator Carnegie Museum of Natural History).  Intertidal ecology.

Matthew Chatfield (PhD University of Michigan; on faculty of Unity College, Maine). Data organization/analysis.

Allison Bennett (PhD Indiana University; on faculty of Ohio State University).  Data organization/analysis.

Julie Salamunovich (Kosev) (Honors Thesis; Educator, Portland Science Center).  Stream Ecology.  Julie was instrumental in starting the stream research program on the Olympic Peninsula.

Forrest Stevens (PhD University of Florida; on faculty of University of Louisville).  Intertidal and estuary ecology.

Ben Scott (PhD MIT; on faculty of Boston University).  Intertidal and stream ecology.

Amy Miller. Intertidal and estuary ecology.

Zoe Edelstein (PhD University of Washington; Director of Research and Evaluation, HIV Prevention Program at New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene).  Stream insect analysis.

Michael Fraker (PhD University of Michigan; Research Scientist at the University of Michigan).  Stream diatom analysis.

Karla Rose.  Stream and intertidal ecology.

Lucie Weis Hazen (MS University of Washington; Research Analyst, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions).  Stream and intertidal ecology.

Rebecca Kordas (MS California State College Northridge, PhD University of British Columbia; Environmental Specialist at Hatfield Consultants).  Intertidal ecology, allometry of population density in intertidal organisms.

Karen Alofs (PhD UC Davis; on the faculty of the University of Michigan).  Estuarine fish ecology.

Julia Gonzalez-Stuber (Law, University of Wisconsin).  Data analysis/management.

Kyle Edwards (PhD UC Davis; on the faculty of the University of Hawaii).  Intertidal and stream ecology.

Jon Duke (PhD Brown University; Vice President of Research, IDC Digital Insights). Stream and intertidal ecology.

Mark Novak (PhD University of Chicago; on faculty of Oregon State University).  Intertidal and stream ecology.

Kate Barnes (MS Duke University; Senior Program Officer in Conservation and Sustainable Development at the MacArthur Foundation).  Intertidal and stream ecology.

John Orcutt (PhD University of Oregon; on faculty of Gonzaga University).  Intertidal ecology.

Chris Neufeld (PhD University of Alberta; Education Coordinator at Bamfield Marine Station, Canada). Intertidal and stream ecology.

Lexi Weintraub.  Intertidal ecology.

Kim Weersing Thomas (MS University of Hawaii, PhD Rutgers; on the faculty of Temple University).  Intertidal ecology.

Pat Dospoy (PhD University of Texas Southwestern; Analyst at the medical investment company Green Park and Golf Ventures). Intertidal and stream ecology.

Aaron Kandur (PhD University of Chicago).  Intertidal communities coherence along a depth gradient.

Elizabeth Bastiaans (Honors Thesis, PhD UC Davis; now on the faculty of SUNY Oneonta).  Ecology of black iguanas.

Erin McCallister.  Data organization/analysis.

Arwen Norman (now a farmer on Whidbey Island, WA). Intertidal ecology.

Alissa Gehman (MS Western Washington University, PhD University of Georgia; currently a postdoc at University of British Columbia).  Intertidal ecology.

Michaelynn Chaely Kanichy.  (Staff  member in the wellness office of the Makah Tribe). Intertidal Ecology.

Benjamin Linsay. (Software engineer). Intertidal and stream ecology, data analysis/organization.

Holly Lutz (PhD Cornell University; on the staff at the Field Museum of Natural History).  Intertidal and stream ecology.

Alyssa Olsen. Intertidal ecology.

Margaret Siple (MS University of Hawaii, PhD University of Washington; currently a postdoc at UC Santa Barbara).  Intertidal data analysis/management.

Allison Barner (PhD Oregon State University; on faculty at Colby College).  Sea palm genetics.

Christina Baer (Honors Thesis, PhD University of Missouri St. Louis; now a Research Assistant Professor at Binghamton University (SUNY)).  Developing non-neutral models of intertidal communities.

Gregor Siegmund (PhD student at Cornell).  Intertidal ecology.

Peter Zaykoski (MS Duke; Environmental Analyst at the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission).  Intertidal and stream ecology.

Sam Betcher (Dairy farmer in Minnesota).  Intertidal ecology.

Rebecca Belanger. Data organization/analysis.

Lyda Harris (PhD University of Washington; Director of Marine Plastics Research at the Seattle Aquarium). Intertidal ecology.

Jennie Lee (Honors Thesis). Toucan phylogeography.

Rachel Folz (Honors Thesis; now an MD in internal medicine at the University of Chicago). Oystercatcher feeding ecology.

Kellen Taylor. Intertidal Ecology.

Khashiff Miranda (now a PhD student at the University of Laval).  Intertidal ecology.  Seagrass-microbe interactions.

Tynan Bowyer.  Intertidal sponge ecology.

Nora Spadoni.  Life history evolution in copepods.

Lebo Molefe.  Aquatic ecology.

Olivia Cattau (now a researcher at NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center).  Intertidal ecology.

Matthew Schumm (BS Thesis; now a PhD student at Florida State University).  Modeling zonation transitions.

Ari Freedman (now a PhD student at Princeton).  Intertidal ecology, neural network modeling.

Theresa Fonseca.  (BS Thesis) Empirical analysis of zonation transitions.

Elizabeth Shaw.  (BS Thesis) Bleaching and its impacts on sea anemones.

Miranda McKibben (BS Thesis; now a PhD student at University of Georgia). Genetic correlates of disease resistance by ash trees to the emerald ash borer.