Fall 2019

October 14 | Richard Strier

Frank L. Sulzberger Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, English
“Shakesperean Happiness”

November 11 | Stephen T. Asma and Rami Gabriel

Stephen T. Asma, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia College Chicago
Rami Gabriel, Associate Professor of Psychology, Columbia College Chicago
The Emotional Mind: The Affective Roots of Culture and Cognition

November 25 | Isabela Fraga

PhD Candidate, Romance Languages and Literature
“Nostalgic Subjects of Colonial Medicine: Trajectories of Feeling in Iberian Slavery”
This session is co-sponsored by the Medicine and its Objects Workshop.

December 9 | Amy Levine

PhD Candidate, Philosophy and Social Thought
“Desiring Being: An analytic of eros in Plato’s Symposium


Winter 2020

January 13 | Alex Campolo

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge
“Affect and Inference: Genealogies of Affect Recognition in AI”

February 10 | Bellamy Mitchell

PhD Candidate, Social Thought and English
“Apology, Identity, and Fragility in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

February 24 | Alex Jania

PhD Candidate, History
“Structuring Memory: Competing Visions for Memorials to The Great Kanto Earthquake”

March 6 | Candace Vogler

David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy
“Happiness as a Highest Good”


Spring 2020

April 6 | Reading Group Session

Ruth Leys, “The Turn to Affect: A Critique,” in The Ascent of Affect: Genealogy and Critique (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2017), 307-349.

April 20 | Jane Gordon

PhD Student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
“Emotional Language in Old Assyrian Letters”

May 4 | Leland Jasperse

PhD Student, English Language and Literature
“Henry James’ Asexual Adolescence, or, the Spoils of Pleasure”

May 18 | Lawrence Zbikowski 

Professor of Music and the Humanities in the College
“Music and the Language of Emotions”

June 1 | Amber Ace

PhD Candidate, Classics
“(Gendered) emotions in the midwife metaphor