Spring 2024

April 11th | Lou Gargouri

PhD Candidate, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

“Unlocking and Overcoming Family History through Embodied Testimonies in Gardiennes by Fanny Cabon”

May 2nd | Andrew Schlager

PhD Candidate, Department of English, Princeton University

“Jean Toomer’s Aisles: Pedagogy and Performance”




Spring 2023

April 17th | Jimmy White

PhD Student, Department of Classics and Committee on Social Thought

“‘E-mail My Heart:’ Subject Lessons and the Epistolary Mode”

April 25th | Tina Post

Assistant Professor, Department of English and Committee of Theater and Peformance Studies

Conversation on recent monograph Deadpan: The Aesthetics of Black Inexpression, with Sianne Ngai at the Seminary Co-op

May 15th | Glenn Most

Visiting Professor, Committee on Social Thought and Classics

“The Horrific Body in Sophocles”

May 22nd | Lindsay Reckson

Associate Professor of English, Haverford College

“Viral Gestures, or How To Use Your Body at the End of the World”

May 29th | Taimur Reza

PhD Candidate, South Asian Languages and Civilizations

“The Untouchable Precinct: Psycho-affective Survival of the Bengali Muslims at the Turn of the Century”

Winter 2023

February 15th | Gasira Timir

PhD Student, Department of English

“‘E-mail My Heart:’ Subject Lessons and the Epistolary Mode”

February 20th | Yunning Zhang

PhD Student, Department of Comparative Literature

“The Passion According to La China Poblana: Martyrdom and Distress in Catarina de San Juan’s Vida (1689-1692) by Alonso Ramos”

February 27th | Rivky Mondal

PhD Candidate, Department of English

“Living with Difference in Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends and Raven Leilani’s Luster

February 27th | Agatha Slupek

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Social Sciences Division

“The Disavowed Gender of Rawlsian Envy”

Autumn 2022

November 7th | Nia Pappas

MAPH Candidate, Division of the Humanities

“The Divided Line and Divided Soul: Understanding Spirit as Truth”

November 21st | Qiuchen Wu

MFA Candidate, Department of Visual Arts

Girl’s Geist (2019)