Autumn 2021

Monday, October 11, 4:30-6pm CT, remote via Zoom

Brandon Sward, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology

“How to make site-specific art when sites themselves have histories:
Whittier Boulevard as Asco’s ‘camino surreal’”

Monday, October 25, 4:30-6pm CT, in-person, location TBC

Srikanth Reddy, Professor, Department of English

“Wonder, A Syzygy:
A Poetics of Wonder in The Iliad, Paradise Lost, and Radi Os”

Monday, November 8, 4:30-6pm CT, remote via Zoom

Isabel Lachenauer, PhD Candidate, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

“Mirror Characters as Windows into the Emotional Community of ʿĀrif ʿAlī”

Monday, November 15, 4:30-6pm CT, in-person, location TBC

Eos Trinidad, PhD Student, Departments of Sociology and Comparative Human Development

“The Irony of Accountability:
How a Performance-Inducing Policy Reduces Motivation to Perform”

Winter 2022

January 31, 4:30-6pm CT, via Zoom

Alysia Mann Carey, PhD Candidate at the University of Chicago, Department of Political Science and Pre-doctoral fellow at the Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies at the University of Virginia

“Black Diasporic Feminism and Collective Intimacy: a Hemispheric Approach to Contemporary Black Politics and Mobilization in the Americas”

February 7, 4:30—6PM CT, Postponed

Maïté Marciano, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature, Northwestern University

“From Sexuality to Cerebrality: Post-humanism, Affect, and Subjectivity in Houellebecq’s Les Particules élementaires

February 21, 4:30—6PM CT, on Zoom

David Cantor-Echols, Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago

“Fear and Loathing in Late Medieval Iberia”

March 7, 4:30-6:00pm CT, via Zoom

Blaize Gervais, PhD Candidate in Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School

Perspectival Objectivity: In Defense of the “Affective Turn” in Epistemology

Spring 2022

April 25th, 4:30—6:00PM CT, Wieboldt Hall 408

Ilqua Lufti, PhD Student, Comparative Human Development

“Intimacy, Hygiene, and Domestic Labor Relations in Karachi”

May 2nd, 4:30—6:00PM CT, Wieboldt Hall 408

Ben Jeffery; Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences, University of Chicago

“Grief is a Troubled Medium: Reading Housekeeping through Loewald.”

May 9th, 4:30—6:00PM CT, on Zoom

Visit of David L. Eng, Richard L. Fisher Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania

Workshop of Work from Forthcoming Book: Reparations and the Human

May 16th, 4:30—6:00PM CT, Wieboldt Hall 408

Bellamy Mitchell; PhD Candidate, English and Social Thought

The Danger of the Situation, or, the Indexical Present of Apology in the Performance Artwork of Adrian Piper and Dr. Vaginal Davis”

May 23, 4:30—6:00PM CT, Wieboldt Hall 408

Seth Estrin; Assistant Professor, Department of Art History

“Between Pity and Rage: Emotion and Archaic Greek Sculpture.”