Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

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Stephen Meredith, MD, PhD – Faculty Director

Joseph Sachleben, Ph.D. – Technical Director

Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


Gordon Center for Integrative Science
927 E 57th Street
Room W123A (office)
Chicago, IL 60637

The lab and spectrometers are located in A101, in the Cummings Annex beneath the science quad, accessible via the East tower of GCIS. A map of the Annex is to the right.

A dedicated NMR facility for structural biology and metabolomics studies is located in the Cummings Life Sciences Center and directed by Dr. Stephen Meredith.  Dr. Joseph Sachleben, an experienced NMR spectroscopist, oversees its daily operation, and he is also responsible for implementation of new experiments, user training and consultation.  The facility houses two NMR spectrometers: a 500 MHz Bruker AVANCE III and a 600 MHz Bruker AVANCE IIIHD. These instruments are capable of performing the most demanding solution NMR experiments. All spectrometers are capable of variable temperature operation with a maximum range of -5C to 150C. A Gilson 215 sample preparation robot and a SamplExpress sample changer provides automated sample preparation and acquisition of spectra on series of samples for epitope and small scale metabolomic analysis. Training on freely available software packages for data processing and structure calculation is provided by the staff.

The core may be identified in publications as The University of Chicago Biomolecular NMR Facility (RRID: SCR_022933).