10 Things I’d Bring To College

By: Sabian Murry

If you’re anything like I was, you’ve been spending months sifting through Tiktok videos, Pinterest lists, and internet blog posts about what you need when you go to college. I’ve always believed experience is the best teacher, so as a first year college student, here are the most important things I think you’ll need when coming to college. 


  1. Laptop or iPad

This has to be number one on my list because it’s an essential for a college student. Most, if not all, assignments are online, so a good, reliable computer is necessary for a smooth transition to college. It doesn’t have to be any specific brand, but Apple products are usually favored due to their shared content ability. Personally, I have a Dell and it gets the job done just fine!

If you’re more inclined to iPads, I would suggest investing in an Apple Pencil. This will greatly assist in note taking, signing online documents, and completing math assignments. In addition, I would purchase a wireless keyboard case so you’re able to easily type on your iPad. 

  1. Air freshener

Often overlooked, air freshener is a necessary investment in college. Plug in air fresheners aren’t allowed at some colleges, and it can get stuffy in your room. A good can of air freshener will last you a long time and do wonders for the cleanliness of your room. It also comes in handy if you have a private bathroom and it lacks a vent. 

  1. Surge protector/Power strip

There are a limited amount of outlets in your room and an abundance of things to plug up. Surge protectors will give you the ability to plug in all your devices so you don’t have to give up your phone charging to charge your computer before class!

  1. Snuggle/Robe

Robes are important when living in a dorm! Whether your bathroom is in your room or is communal, you will need a robe. Although my bathroom is in my room, the laundry room is in the basement, and I don’t want to have to put on an entire outfit to do my laundry. I throw on my Snuggle (which is even better than a robe), and I’m completely covered whenever I’m roaming the halls. 

  1. Water bottle

It doesn’t have to be a Stanley, but a water bottle is needed (preferably a cute one). Having to buy bottles of water is a costly expense, but if you have a water bottle, there will be water fountains to constantly fill your water bottle for free!

  1. School supplies

Often, I’ve heard college students say that they forgot to bring school supplies to school, and that’s understandable seeing that most work is done online. There will be times when paper and pen are needed in college, so don’t forget these basic school supplies! Sticky notes is also something I would invest in because there will be a lot of reading and they will come in handy for annotation. 

  1. Chair cushion

In your room, most colleges provide a desk and chair, but what they forget is a chair cushion. You will spend a lot of time studying, and if you’re planning on doing it in your room, a chair cushion is highly encouraged. 

  1. Multiple phone chargers

This one may be self-explanatory, but get multiple phone chargers with multiple different outlet options. Not every building will have a USB-C and not all will have the standard USB, so get a few cheap options that you can carry around with you while studying around campus. 

  1. Portable laundry bag

This is a great investment for college! With this laundry bag, you’re able to transport not only your clothes, but also your detergent, bleach, and dryer sheets. 

  1. Rug

An overlooked luxury while in college is the ability to come into your room and rub your feet on a soft rug after a long day of learning. It’s cleaner than your bare floor, and it’s a good place to lie when you don’t want to dirty your bed up before a shower.

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