Myth Busters: College Edition

By: Sabian Murry

Senior year is often full of questions, assumptions, and preparation for what college is going to be like. Let me guess, scrolling through TikTok and YouTube videos for what you need to expect in college? As someone who has been in your shoes and is now at the exact place that I spent so much time worrying about, allow me to tell you what’s really what when you come to college!


Myth: “College is so much easier than high school!”

A really strong one to start with! There are a lot of teachers, parents, and non-college students in general who will be telling you this your entire senior year, and while they’re not completely wrong, they’re not completely right either.

College is, of course, different for everyone and there are a number of factors that will contribute to the difficulty level of college. The wrong thing to do when someone tells you this is to reduce your expectations to low level work and constant free time. While there will come times when you do have light work and free time, this is not the norm for everyday college life. There are less classes than you would normally have daily in high school, but the courses are more rigorous, the work is more independent, and the assignments are worth WAY more. It’s not uncommon to have two quizzes and one final exam that make up your grade. 

With that being said, don’t freak out! If you’ve been accepted into your college, it’s for a reason. The admission counselors are entirely capable in your abilities to excel where you’re at! Just remember to dedicate yourself to your performance, and take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you. 


Myth: “College food is disgusting.”

Let’s be frank. One thing I’m going to do is eat. And I’m elated to be able to do it at UChicago! Campus food is not always as bad as people try to make you believe. While it’s not going to be Chick-Fil-A or Pizza Hut cuisine, it holds well on its own. Before you write off the food at your college, give it a try and decide for yourself if you’re going to be DoorDashing for the rest of the quarter. 


Myth: “Having roommates is going to suck.”

Now, this is a very case-by-case issue, but more often than not, the “living with my horrible roommate” TikToks are just the worst of the worst. Every roommate is not going to be your enemy, be disgustingly unkempt, or blast music till three in the morning. 

One of the top reasons that colleges require students to have roommates is because they give you a built in friend in a land of new faces! Not only this, but going from living with people to living with no people is a very large adjustment for many, and whether you realize it or not, having someone to talk to when the finals are beginning to overwhelm you can be a great relief. 


Myth: “College is going to be the best time of your life!”

Do not withdraw your application! Do not let this scare you, it is not as bad as it initially sounds. 

Too often, college is portrayed as a bunch of partying and lifelong memories with a side of class. Unfortunately, as much as I wish this were true, this is but a myth. The overall goal of attending college is to earn a degree (hopefully a few in one go!). You will go to classes, spend some of your summers interning, volunteer and join clubs to boost resumes and make your application stand out, and many other career preparing activities. 

This does not mean that college can’t be the best time of your life! You can still find joy in the friends you make, the career you’re building, and the experiences that you have while you’re there. What’s essential is that you go out and make those experiences for yourself- don’t just assume that because you’re a college student your life is going to miraculously change and the opportunities for “the best time of your life” will appear. Go out and chase the life that you desire!


To conclude, college is going to be great! Prepare to find out that college is what you make it, and everything that people have told you comes from a place of subjectivity. Go out and take advantage of all of the opportunities allotted to you, and make this a productive yet exciting part of your life!

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