The most recent issue of Seminars in Reproductive Medicine, edited by Dr. Iris Romero, gives obstetrician-gynecologists information on how to provide comprehensive, sensitive, and supportive care to their LGBTQ patients.  Dr. Romero recruited several renowned University of Chicago faculty to contribute articles including:

  • Dr. Helen Kim, Dept. Ob/Gyn – “Family Building by Same-Sex Male Couples via Gestational Surrogacy”
  • Dr. Sadia Haider, Dept. Ob/Gyn – “Family Planning for Sexual Minority Women”
  • Sierra Bushe CNM and Dr. Romero, Dept. Ob/Gyn –  Lesbian Pregnancy: Care and Considerations”
  • Dr. Christina Lewicky Gaupp, previous Ob/Gyn resident – “Sexual Dysfunction in Lesbian Women: A Systematic Review of the Literature”
  • Dr. Scott Cook and Fanny Lopez, Dept. of Medicine- “Establishing Effective Health Care Partnerships with Sexual and Gender Minority Patients: Recommendations for Obstetrician Gynecologist”

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