Apple here to our Faculty Diversity Career Advancement Grant or to our Small Grants Program.

Examples of Past Recipients

Dr. Korey Brownstein, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Molecular Plant Sciences
Dr. Brownstein received a small grants award to present research and attend the International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (IS-MPMI) XVIII Congress in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Dr. Jennifer Wolf, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Wolf received a Small Grant award for her work on the local Perry-Outreach initiative at UChicago. The initiative aims to increase the representation of women in STEM by hosting hands-on opportunities for students in high school, college, and medical school. 

Dr. Jessica Telleria, 1st Year Resident in Radiology
Dr. Telleria received a Small Grant award towards organizing the fourth annual Radiology Expo. The Expo sought to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in Radiology. 

Dr. Adriana Olson, Assistant Professor of Medicine 
Dr. Olson received a Faculty Diversity Career Advancement grant to present at the Council of Residency Directors Emergency Medicine Academic Assembly.

Dr. Robert Carillo, Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology and the College
Dr. Carillo received a Faculty Diversity Career Advancement Award for his research project on identifying molecular tags and mechanistically understanding how Cell Surface Protein interactions mediate cell-cell recognition. 

Dr. Hatim Hassan, Assistant Professor
Dr. Hassan received a Faculty Diversity Career Advancement grant for his proposal, Role of the Gut Microbiome in the IBD – and Obesity-associated Hyperoxaluria: Relevance to Kidney Stone Disease.

Katie Aracena, PhD Candidate in the Department of Human Genetics
Katie Aracena received a small grant award to attend a week-long bootcamp before the start of their first year at the Marine Biological Laboratory with the goals of enhancing quantitative skills and building communities outside individual programs and clusters.

James Zhang, MD candidate in the Pritzker school of Medicine
James Zhang received a small grant award to host a workshop on mental health for Asian-Americans with Dr. Mimi Khuc, a Vietnamese-American scholar of Asian-American Mental Health, at the Pritzker School of Medicine.