BSD diversity grants are a popular way for all those in our community to get funding for their projects.

Because we have supported a great number of initiatives, we are closing the program early this academic year. We will be back open in July 2024. Please apply for funding then.

Past Recipients

Jason Xiao | Student, Pritzker School of Medicine

Jason Xiao received a small grant award to attend the American Diabetes Association Conference, where he will present his research investigating the effectiveness of interventions for Type 2 diabetes among the Asian community in the U.S.

Dr. Bako Orionzi | Trainee in Pediatrics

Dr. Orinzi received a small grant award to support research assessing the factors that influence the practice of URM pediatric primary care providers at UChicago Medicine.

Dr. Naida Cole | Assistant Anesthesia and Critical Care

Dr. Cole received a small grant award to support the development and implantation of an orthopedic surgery-specific shared decision aid educating patients on recommended prescription opioid usage after surgery to mitigate the risk of misuse. 

Dr. Aresha Martinez-Cardosa | Instructor for Public Health Sciences
Dr. Martinez-Cardosa recieved a Faculty Diversity Career Advansement grant to attend the Epigenetics Boot Camp: Planning and Analyzing DNA Methylation Studies workshop at Columbia University School of Public Health.
Jina Saltzman | Physician Assistant in Infectious Diseases

Jina Saltzman received a small grant award that will allow her to offer a shadowing opportunity to 8-10 URM students enrolled in Pre-Physician Assistant programs at local universities. This opportunity will help strengthen the application of URM pre-PA students. 

Weldeyard Reda | Student, Integrative Biology Program

Weldeyared Reda received a small grant award to collect data for a chapter of his dissertation and present his current research at the Paleoanthropology Society conference. 

Ibraheem Hamzat | Student, Biological Sciences Division

Ibraheem Hamzat received a small grant award to support the after-school program he runs at a local elementary school that has a large Black and Hispanic population. The program aims to uplift children and equips them with skills to be successful in their academic endeavors. 

Dr. Arshiya Baig | Professor of Medicine
Dr. Baig recieved a Faculty Diversity Career Advancement grant to support research on how to improve health disparities in diabetes for Latino populations.
Dr. Robert Carillo| Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Dr. Carillo received a Faculty Diversity Career Advancement Award for his research project on identifying molecular tags and mechanistically understanding how Cell Surface Protein interactions mediate cell-cell recognition. 
Elaine Kouame| Student, Immunology

Elaine Kouame received a small grant award to attend the annual American Association of Immunologists conference in Portland, Oregon, where she was selected to give an oral talk and a poster presentation on her thesis research. 

Dr. Shilpa Iyer| Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Iyer received a small grant award for her project investigating disparities in overactive bladder patient referrals and visits with specialists, with the goal of improving patient access and care. 

Dr. Dario Villamar| Trainee in Hematology/Oncology

Dr.  Villamar received a small grant award to develop a survey that will identify barriers to cancer clinical trial participation in the Hispanic/Latino population. This work will lead to the development of a community-based intervention that aims to increase education about cancer clinical trials among this ethnic community.

Dr. Nancy Schwartz | Professor of Biochemisty & Molecular Biophysics
Dr. Schwartz recieved a small grant fund to support the career progression of underrepresented students in biomedical research.
Katie Aracena | Student, Biological Science Division
Katie Aracena received a small grant award to attend a week-long bootcamp before the start of their first year at the Marine Biological Laboratory with the goals of enhancing quantitative skills and building communities outside individual programs and clusters.
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