#SummerTimeChi Thinkshops

Data driven, interdisciplinary, and innovative diversity-themed programming geared toward deepening perspectives on inclusion.

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Summer Time Chi Workshops

The BSD’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion is offering three workshops to keep you in a D & I state of mind. These lunchtime workshops will introduce you to important D & I related concepts, further the conversation surrounding equity on campus, and give you information you can use to get involved in our Chicagoland community. *Lunch will be served for all participants! Persons with disabilities who need accommodation to participate in this program should contact BSD’s Diversity & Inclusion Office at 773-702-2912 or diversityoffice@bsd.uchicago.edu.

Workshop Descriptions:

The Nature of Discrimination: This workshop uses insights from political science and legal theory to explore the concept of discrimination and its nuances. Participants will become familiar with certain distinctions and terms used in contemporary discussions about anti-discrimination, as well as certain challenges to anti-discrimination efforts.

Diversity in The City: This session explores the many ways you can get involved in D & I (Diversity & Inclusion) activities outside of your job. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about diversity initiatives happening throughout the city of Chicago, especially those which foster cultural competency and interpersonal skills.

Safe Space 2.0: By now, everyone has heard of the notion of Safe Space. But how can we build on this important idea to truly empower each other? How can we move beyond Safe Space? Participants in this session will explore how to think about social identity and diversity in ways that supplement dominant Safe Space practices.