8 February 2016

Yesterday, Sunday, was a quiet day. We went to University Church, and met with our couples’ therapist, John Houck. Evening meal was at home, some tasty Greek food from our local Greek restaurant, Salonica. It’s at 1440 E. 57th Street, good food, and very affordable, and on some weekend evenings a harpist comes and plays during the dinner hour.

Today it’s the dark of the moon, the new moon. And it’s  the beginning of the lunar new year, the Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! We can celebrate for a whole month! And I expect  that  there will be/has been a special New Year’s celebration and a parade in Chinatown  today.

“What you cannot as you would achieve, you must perforce accomplish as you may. ”    – Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus II, i, 106   (By the way,  a number of people including myself tend to believe that the writings attributed to the actor William Shakespeare were actually written by a woman who was a member of the English nobility.)


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