Magne Mogstad

Gary Becker Professor, Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics


Magne Mogstad is the Gary Becker Professor in the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics. His work is motivated by the broad question of how to address market failures and equalize opportunities. Countless policies – taxation, subsidized education, social insurance – have been implemented in an effort to achieve those objectives. A key challenge is to distill each policy’s unique impact so that we can understand which ones actually work and which ones do not. This challenge motivates Magne’s work, which aims at providing empirical evidence that allows us to test economic theories and inform policymakers. This is made possible by combining theory and credible empirical methods with large administrative datasets that can be linked to supplementary data sources. Magne has published extensively in leading scholarly journals. He is the editor of the Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Public Economics, and he is the recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship and the IZA Young Labor Economist award.

Selected Publications

Mogstad, M., Santos, A., & Torgovitsky, A. (2018). Using instrumental variables for inference about policy relevant treatment parameters. Econometrica86(5), 1589-1619.

Mogstad, M., & Torgovitsky, A. (2018). Identification and extrapolation of causal effects with instrumental variables. Annual Review of Economics10, 577-613.

Bhuller, M., Mogstad, M., & Salvanes, K. G. (2017). Life-cycle earnings, education premiums, and internal rates of return. Journal of Labor Economics35(4), 993-1030.

Brinch, C. N., Mogstad, M., & Wiswall, M. (2017). Beyond LATE with a discrete instrument. Journal of Political Economy125(4), 985-1039.

Havnes, T., & Mogstad, M. (2011). No child left behind: Subsidized child care and children’s long-run outcomes. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy3(2), 97-129.

Havnes, T., & Mogstad, M. (2011). Money for nothing? Universal child care and maternal employment. Journal of Public Economics95(11-12), 1455-1465.

Løken, K. V., Mogstad, M., & Wiswall, M. (2012). What linear estimators miss: The effects of family income on child outcomes. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics4(2), 1-35.

Havnes, T., & Mogstad, M. (2015). Is universal child care leveling the playing field?. Journal of public economics127, 100-114.



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