Declare the Education and Society Minor Online

Third-year students in the College wishing to declare the Education and Society Minor may now do so using an online form.

New Faculty Publications

Committee on Education Faculty have authored a number of recent books that break new ground in the field of education research. 

The Committee on Education is rooted in two basic tenets. The first is that scholars studying aspects of education within their disciplines will benefit from interdisciplinary interchange. The second is that a well-orchestrated interplay between researchers and practitioners will foster outstanding new scholarship.



In Remembrance: Dan Lortie, Influential Sociologist of Education. 

Professor Susan Goldin-Meadow was elected in April 2020 to the National Academy of Sciences.

Committee on Education Fellow David McMillon, a PhD student in the Harris School of Public Policy, has won the National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for 2020 for his proposal to study school disciplinary policy. 

Committee on Education Fellow Eos Trinidad, a PhD student in the Department of Comparative Human Development, won the annual Philippine National Book Awards’ 2019 Best Book on Professions.

Media Mentions


Professor Dana Suskind writes that universal childcare is a crucial public good that we must endeavor to provide during the coronavirus crisis and beyond in an op-ed for the Chicago tribune. Read it here. 


Committee on Education Fellow Bridgette Davis is quoted in a Politico article about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on first-generation and low income college students. Read here. Davis is also interviewed in a UChicago News piece on this topic here.

Committee on Education faculty member Elaine Allensworth discusses the challenges of remote schooling for K-12 students and orients priorities for educators and guardians in an article for the Chicago Sun-Times. Read more here.

Professor Micere Keels discusses the possible impact of cultural centers at the University with the Chicago Maroon. Read more here.