A group of our doctoral fellows photographed at a recent Education Workshop:

Front Row (L-R): Nancy Pantoja, Darnell Leatherwood, Jalisha Braxton, David McMillon

Middle Row: Bridgette Davis, Ebony Hinton, Sarah Cashdollar

Back Row: Helen Lee, Karlyn Gorski, Almaz Mesghina, Hilary Tackie

Another group of doctoral fellows:

Front Row (L-R): Elayne Teska, Natalie Brezack, Cristina Carazza, Deena Bernett

Back Row: Neil Cholli, Ezra Karger, Val Michelman


The Committee on Education’s strength lies in its ability to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives between researchers, practitioners, and a phenomenal set of students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Our internationally renowned faculty contributes expertise in the areas of comparative human development, economics, psychology, public policy, social services administration, sociology, and statistics. Expert practitioners, whose work is based at the Urban Education Institute (UEI), the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the UChicago Charter School, and UChicago STEM Education, contribute their experience and knowledge in preK-12 instruction, training teachers, running schools, developing and scaling interventions and tools, and collecting and analyzing large public education data sets. The interplay of these perspectives raises new questions for research and generates new insights relevant to improving practice.