Cellular Screening Center

Cell Culture & Lines


The CSC houses a fully operational tissue culture facility capable of handling a large number of cell lines at any one point in time. The CSC has the capacity for 3600 frozen vials of cells. To aid in cell counting for maintenance and plating a Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell XR is used which is capable of calculating cell concentration as well as cell viability. There are two biosafety cabinets in the CSC, one class A2 and one class B2. Four Class 100 incubators also provide ample storage for cell growth needs. A refrigerated centrifuge and an inverted microscope with fluorescence complete the setup in the tissue culture facility.


The CSC is a center for cancer cell line models within the Chicago area. The CSC currently holds over 250 cell lines with an emphasis on cancer cell lines. The CSC ‘s collection is comprised of lines obtained from commercial sources as well as from collaborators. [Our collection]