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Is this a public event? Public events should be considered open to any BSD/UC student irrespective of club/organization affiliation. *
Upload a spreadsheet of your budget. Use the template spreadsheet in the link below. *
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Will attendees from outside UChicago be present? *
Will attendees from other divisions be present? *
Have you requested or will request funding from other organizations? *
Please note that for interdivisional events, we preferentially award funding to events that have already requested funding from interdivisional funding sources, e.g. Grad Council. We are unlikely to fund interdivisional events that have no plans for requesting interdivisional funding.
A soft requirement for Dean's Council funding is that the event be open to and advertised to all BSD students. If you do not plan to advertise your event to the entire BSD, please explain why here.
Are you planning to sell tickets or charge admission to this event? *
Have you done this event before? *
Is your event hosted by one or more organizations? *
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