Dong Research Group


Alex is now Dr. Rago!

Congratulation to Alex for his successfully defense! He will soon start his next journey in AbbVie! We had a celebration party in person for the first time in two years!

Congratulations Prof. Ming Chen

Congratulations to our former incredible postdoc Dr. Ming Chen on recently starting his independent career at Changzhou University in China as a professor! Stay tuned for his awesome chemistry coming from Chen Lab

Congratulations Prof. Jun Zhu!

Our former phenomenal postdoc Dr. Jun Zhu recently started his independent work at Wuhan University in China as a professor! We can’t wait to see the awesome science that comes out of the Zhu Group!

Congrats Dr. Tatsuhiro!

Congratulations to Dr. Tatsuhiro Tsukamoto for defending his Ph.D.! He will move from mid-west to East-Coast and start his post-doc with Prof. Roy Gordon at Harvard University as a JSPS postdoctoral fellow!


by | Jul 12, 2019