Dong Research Group


Our research focuses on the following areas:

1) Developing novel catalytic C-H and C-C bond activation methods for efficient small-molecule agents synthesis: we aim to address the challenges of “enabling C–C activation as a useful/practical method for complex molecule synthesis” and “controlling site-selectivity of C–H functionalization using common functional groups”.

2) Developing new transition-metal catalysts based on supramolecular chemistry for chemoselective C-H bond activation of small molecules: we are particularly interested in methane activation and subsequent conversion to useful fine chemicals.

3) Establishing efficient synthetic routes to access natural products with high potent anticancer and immunosuppressive activity and their unnatural analogues and evaluating in vitro and in vivo efficacy of rationally designed natural product analogues and understanding the origins of the selectivity in the cell-killing and the immunosuppressive process.

4) Developing new methods for preparation of novel atomically precise graphene nanoribbon materials from a bottom-up approach.

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