About the ECSW

Faculty Sponsors: 
Prof. Margaret M. Mitchell
Prof. David Martinez
Prof. Erin Galgay Walsh

Student Coordinator:
Lydia Herndon

Time of meeting:
Mondays, 4:30 p.m.

Place of meeting:
Swift Hall


The purpose of the Early Christian Studies Workshop is to provide a venue for students and scholars of the New Testament, Second Temple Judaism, Greco-Roman religions and literatures, and the history of Christianity to present their academic work on early Christ-believers and the world in which they lived. We seek to bring together scholars and students from diverse disciplines for interdisciplinary conversation around literary, material, sociological, and institutional topics. The evidence we consider spans four continents, six centuries, and more than eight languages.

By providing space for critical engagement with both student and faculty research projects, attendees can learn not only about the field of early Christian studies, but also about the pursuit of scholarly research and teaching. We focus on what scholars have called the key transformative problem of the west, the so-called ‘rise of Christianity,’ as well as the world-shaping powers of religious discourse, ritual, and material culture with which peoples throughout the Mediterranean interpreted and shaped their lives.

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