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中国第一历史档案馆 (First Historical Archives of China – Beijing )

Basic Info

(Second Historical Archives -Nanjing)


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国家图书馆  (National Library)

Special Municipalities


北京市档案馆 (Beijing City Archive)


上海市档案局 (Shanghai Archive)

Basic Info

上海图书馆 (Shanghai Library)

Basic Info

上海社会科学院 (SASS)

Basic Info


天津市档案馆 (Tianjin City Archive)

天津市图书馆 (Tianjin Library)


重庆市档案馆 (Chongqing City Archive)

重庆大学档案馆 (Chongqing University Archive)

重庆市城市建设档案馆 (Chongqing Urban Construction Archive)

Provincial Archives



福建省档案局 (Fujian ProvincialArchive)


甘肃省档案馆 (Gansu Provincial Archive)


广东省档案局 (Guangdong Provincial Archive)


贵州省档案馆 (Guizhou Provincial Archive)

Hainan? | Hebei? | Heilongjiang? | Henan? | Hubei? |


湖南省档案馆 (Hunan ProvincialArchive)http://www.hn-archives.gov.cn/

Jiangsu | Jiangxi? |


吉林档案馆 (Jilin Provincial Archive)


辽宁省档案馆 (Liaoning Provincial Archive)

Qinghai? |


陕西省档案馆 (Shaanxi ProvincialArchive)


| Shandong | Shanxi | |


四川省档案馆  (Sichuan Provincial Archive)


Yunnan |

Autonomous Regions

Guangxi? | Neimengu? | Ningxia? | Xinjiang | Xizang?

Special Administrative Regions

Hong Kong | Macao

Maoist China

Mao’s writings

Cultural Revolution: http://www.wg1966.com/

Graphic design: http://chineseposters.net/



Korean National Archives (국가기록원)
Description:  Depository of government records.

National Library of Korea (국립중앙도서관)
Description: Korea’s national library with over five million volumes.

National Assembly Library of Korea (국회도서관)
Description: Korea’s national parliamentary library with large holdings and considerable online databases.

Korean Film Archive
Korean Name: 한국영상자료원
Description: An archive dedicated to Korean film with a library of film related books, film scripts, and a large depository of Korean films which can be watched at the archive.

Korea Foundation Cultural Center
Korean Name: 한국국제교류재단 문화센터
Description: Gallery, lecture halls and a lending library with a range of materials related to Korea in both English and Korean.

Yonsei University Library
Korean Name: 연세대학교 중앙도서관
Description: An extensive university library and one of the largest in Korea. Yonsei’s central library has extensive historical and rare materials.

Online Databases Related to Korea



International Christian University Library?
Japanese Name: 国際基督教大学
Description: A private university in Tokyo.

International Library of Children’s Literature
Japanese Name: 国際子ども図書館
Description: See also the museum in Osaka

Keio University Libraries?
Japanese Name: 慶応大学
Description: A private university in Tokyo.

National Institute for Defense Studies?
Japanese Name: 防衛研究所

The National Diet Library
Japanese Name: 国立国会図書館
Description: Japan’s largest library.

The Oya Soichi Library
Japanese Name: 大宅壮一文庫
Description: Large periodical collection.

Japanese Name: 昭和館
Description: Exhibit of daily life in the wartime and Showa period. Archive and Audio/Visual library of the period.

Tokyo Metropolitan Library
Japanese Name: 都立図書館
Description: Large library in Hiroo.

Tosho Bunko Textbook Library?
Japanese Name: 東書文庫
Description: Textbook library of all school subjects.

The Toyo Bunko (The Oriental Library)
Japanese Name: 東洋文庫
Description: Largest library and research institute in Japan focused on Asian studies.

University of Tokyo Libraries
Japanese Name: 東京大学
Description: Japan’s leading public university.

Waseda University Libraries
Japanese Name: 早稲田大学
Description: A private university in Tokyo with several libraries and an excellent online search database.

Japanese Name: 遊就館
Description: The museum and video library attached to Yasukuni shrine.

Chiba Prefecture

The National Museum of Japanese History
Japanese Name: 国立歴史民族博物館


NHK Archives?
Japanese Name: NHKアーカイブス
Description: Archives of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.


Broadcast Library?
Japanese Name:放送ライブラリー
Description: Radio and television archives.

The Newspaper Library
Japanese Name: 新聞ライブラリー
Description: Hundreds of newspapers, free newspaper database access.

The Yokohama Archives of History
Japanese Name: 横浜開港資料館
Description: Exhibitions on the opening of Japan and lots of related Meiji materials.

Other Online Archives and Museums

Digital Museum on The Comfort Women Issue and the Asian Women’s Fund?
Link: http://www.awf.or.jp/index.html
Japanese Name: デジタル記念館「慰安婦問題とアジア女性基金」

Doing Photography and Social Research in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1948-1951:A Personal and Professional Memoir

by John W. Bennett

Link: http://library.osu.edu/projects/bennett-in-japan/

Online Databases Related to Japan



Academia Sinica
Chinese Name: 中央研究院
Description: The government supported research institution.

Academia Historica?
Chinese Name: 國史館
Description: The national archives of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

National Central Library?
Chinese Name: 國家圖書館
Link: http://lib.ncl.edu.tw/e_menu.htm
Description: The national central library of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

National Taiwan Library?
Chinese Name: 國立中央圖書館臺灣分館
Link: http://www.ntl.edu.tw/
Description: A new central library in Taipei, housing the Taiwan research center.

National Taiwan University Library
Chinese Name: 國立臺灣大學圖書館
Link: http://www.lib.ntu.edu.tw/
Description: The main library of NTU

Online Databases Related to Taiwan


Libraries, archives, and museums particularly useful for anyone doing research on East Asia.

South Asia

Libraries & Archives in South Asia Wiki? link
Description: Much like this EALA wiki, this collaborative website collects information on libraries and archives all over the South Asian region.



Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library? link
Description: Large collection of materials related to the study of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese culture and history at the University of Toronto.

United States

National Archives

See the National Archives index page for specific information on East Asia related material in various record groups of the National Archives.


Arthur M. Sackler Museum?
Description: Art museum at Harvard University with a large collection of Asian art

Boston Museum of Fine Arts?
Description: Boston art museum with important East Asian materials

Seattle Asian Art Museum?
Description: A Seattle art museum with an important collection of Asian art.


C. V. Starr East Asia Library
Description: The East Asia research library of Columbia University

Harvard-Yenching Library
Description: The East Asia research library of Harvard University

Hoover Institution?
Description: Archive at Stanford University with a large East Asia collection.

University of Washington East Asia Library?
Description: The East Asia research library of the University of Washington

Yale East Asia Library?
Description: The East Asia research library of Yale University

Digital South Asia Library? link
Description: A similar web site devoted to collecting information on South Asian Libraries and Archives

Genealogical Society of Utah
Description: The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

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