Friday, May 19th, Jessica Tizzard

The German Philosophy Workshop is very happy to present:
“Practical Reason and the Call to Faith: Kant on the Postulates of Freedom, God, and Immortality”
Jessica Tizzard (University of Chicago)
 Friday, May 19th, 1:30-4:20
Foster 305
The paper will be read at the workshop and is available under “papers.” A lively discussion will follow!
I look forward to seeing many of you at our last student presentation (and my last GPW workshop as coordinator!)

Friday, March 31st, Matthew Boyle

The German Philosophy Workshop, in collaboration with the Wittgenstein Philosophy Workshop, is happy to hold a special Prospectives’ Week session on:
“Self-Knowledge, Self-Concern, and the First Person Perspective”
 Matthew Boyle (University of Chicago)
 Friday, March 31st, 1:30-4:20
Foster 305
The paper is available under the “papers” tab and will be read out at the workshop.

Friday, March 17th, Simon Gurofsky

The German Philosophy Workshop is happy to present:
“On Recent Metaphysical Interpretations of the First Critique.
 Simon Gurofsky (University of Chicago)
 Friday, March 17th, 1:30-4:20
Foster 305
The paper will be read at the workshop and is available here under the “papers” tab. A discussion will follow.

Friday, March 3rd, Gilad Nir at GPW

“The Disunity of Aristotle’s Metaphysics and the Unity of Heidegger’s Being and Time”
Gilad Nir (University of Chicago)
 Friday, March 3rd, 1:30-4:20
Foster 305
The paper will be read at the workshop and is available here under the “papers” tab. A discussion will follow.
The central failure of the metaphysical tradition which stems from Aristotle, according to Heidegger, consists in the subordination of general ontology to the account of a special, exemplary entity (theology). But Being and Time itself privileges an exemplary entity, namely human Dasein. It thus opens itself to the charge that its overarching concern with human existence can only lead to a reductive and parochial account of Being. This paper argues for a novel understanding of the methodology of Being and Time and shows that it provides an adequate response to this charge. I first show that Heidegger finds in Aristotle the seeds of resistance to the onto-theological systematization of metaphysics. I then show that he adopts a similar approach in Being and Time. Alongside the method of fundamental ontology, Heidegger develops a method of historical critique called Destruction. The two methods are meant to counterbalance each other, and to prevent the collapse of the ontological difference between Being as such and the Being of Dasein. It is only through an engagement with the historical manifestations of Dasein’s desire for understanding that we learn what understanding it may hope for.


Friday, Jan. 20, Christian Martin at GPW and WW

The Wittgenstein Workshop and the German Philosophy Workshop are happy to present:
“Duality, Force, Language Games, and Our Form of Life”
 Christian Martin (University of Munich)
 Friday, Jan 20th, 1:30-4:20
New Location: Foster 305
The paper will be read at the meeting. It is currently available for download under Papers, as is a supplementary piece (“Wittgenstein on Perspicuous Presentation and Grammatical Self-Knowledge”).

This Friday and Saturday: Graduate Research Conference

This Friday and Saturday, the German Philosophy Workshop will jointly present several talks with the Philosophy department as part of the annual Graduate Research Conference, which features the research of University of Chicago Philosophy PhD students currently on the academic job market. Three of these talks will be on German Idealism. See below:

Friday, December 2nd, 9:00-10:30: Anastasia Artemyev Berg, “Evil or only Immature? Acquiring Moral Character in Kant”

Friday, December 2nd, 3:00-4:30: Jessica Tizzard, “Making Room for Evil: Kant’s Cognitivism and the Human Predisposition Towards Goodness”

Saturday, December 3rd, 10:45-12:15: Andrew Werner, “Objective Thought”

All talks will take place in Rosenwald 405. See the attached poster for more details about the conference. 


November 11th, Laura Papish on Kant on Self-Deception

Please join us this Friday, November 11th when Laura Papish (George Washington University) will present her paper entitled “Kant on Self-Deception, Rationalization, and the Hell of Self-Cognition.” This paper was presented at the Eastern APA as part of a panel on Kant in January, and its content will be included in her forthcoming book manuscript. The paper has been posted to the website in the ‘Papers’ section.

We meet in the usual place at the usual time: Cobb 219, 1:30pm.

This Thursday, November 3rd, Carl Posy

Join us this Thursday, November 3rd, when Carl Posy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) will present his paper “Realism, Idealism and All That: Kant’s Fourth Paralogism and the Critical Standpoint”. The paper will not be distributed in advance.

Note the unusual day, time, and location: we meet from 4:30-6:30 on Thursday evening in Wiebolt 408.

Hope to see you there.