2022-23 Schedule

Workshop Meetings in 2022-23

Winter 2023

Winter Quarter meetings will take place Friday afternoons in Cobb Hall 201 from 3:00 to 5:20pm unless otherwise noted.

January 6:  David Wellbery (UChicago Germanic Studies), “Goethe on Tragedy”

        (Joint Session with the Literature and Philosophy Workshop

January 20: Brook Ziporyn (UChicago Divinity), “Missed Exit: How the Hegel of 1802 Almost Became a Chinese Philosopher”  

January 27: Irad Kimhi (UChicago Social Thought), “On the Exhibitionism that Modesty Hides (Logical Understanding and the Theory of Meaning)” 

February 3: Michelle Kosch (Cornell), “Recognition After Fichte”  

February 10: Andrew Beddow (UChicago Philosophy), “Kant as a Lutheran Apologist”  

February 24: David Kretz (UChicago Germanic Studies/Social Thought), “Kant on the Forms of Historical Agency” (meeting will take place over Zoom

March 3:  Kristen De Man (UChicago Philosophy), (title TBD)



Fall 2022

September 30:  Michael Kremer (UChicago), “Margaret MacDonald’s Wittgenstein: What She Learned from Him, and What She Did with It.”

October 14  Paskalina Bourbon (UChicago), “Getting out of the Race: Deduction and Lewis Carroll’s Achilles and the Tortoise Paradox”

*Monday* October 24:  Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen):  “Observation, Interaction, Communication: the Role of the Second Person” (Note: This is a Joint Session with the Practical Philosophy Workshop, taking place from 6:00-8:00pm in Cobb Hall 202.)

November 4 Laurenz Ramsauer (UChicago) “Kant’s Problem with the Concept of Humanity”

November 18:  Wim Vanrie (Ghent University): “Tautology and Showing in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus

December 2: Jed Lewinsohn (University of Pittsburgh): “The ‘Natural Unintelligibility’ of Normative Powers.” (Joint session with Practical Philosophy Workshop taking place in our (GPW’s) usual time/place (Friday, 3:00-5:20 in Wieboldt 408))