Currently Enrolling Clinical Trials


  • IDEA
    • The IDEA study aims to evaluate the progression and severity of Ataxia through worn sensors that measure movement during coordination tests

IDEA Study AAC from Hannah Casey on Vimeo.


To request more information or to express interest in joining the IDEA study, please contact Hannah Casey.

Phone: (773) 702-4610


    • SCA1 and SCA3 are very rare, genetically inherited diseases. Thus, the broader goal of this study is to recruit a cohort that is large and composed of subjects in their early stages of disease. Having a large cohort is essential in increasing validity and statistical importance of the proposed therapeutics. This study will also utilize the larger cohort to examine methods in detecting disease onset and early signs of progression. 
    • CRC-SCA is a cohort study encompassing patients at any stage of a SCA disease (types 1,2,3, and 6). This study is following disease progression, attempting to identify markers that measure progression, and determining if other genes are influencing disease behavior.
  • BioHaven-206
    • This study tests the efficacy of Troriluzole in SCA patients (types 1,2,3,6,7,8, and 10). 

To request more information or to express interest in joining READISCA, CRC-SCA, or BioHaven, please contact Cindy Jimenez.

Phone: (773) 702-1848


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