Conferences + Workshops

The Incubator brings together researchers and thought leaders in a variety of settings, from intimate workshops to major conferences, encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas and consensus-building across diverse fields.

Upcoming Events

The Incubator will host a series of events highlighting new research and bringing together leading experts from all over the world. There will be one or more events on each facet of the Global Energy Challenge – Energy Markets, Pollution, and Climate Change – allowing time and space to explore each topic. These conferences will be a centerpiece of the Incubator, generating groundbreaking research papers, seeding new research projects, and anchoring visits from both established and early-career researchers. 

Each event will feature an interdisciplinary group of scholars from the College, the Harris School of Public Policy, the Booth School of Business, and the Law School, who will present the latest insights from their work. They will be joined in conversation by a diverse group of speakers from other leading universities, relevant government agencies at home and abroad, and industry practitioners. By leveraging the University’s existing hubs in critical countries around the world, the events may take place in the regions most sensitive to the Global Energy Challenge while retaining a clear UChicago connection for faculty and invited experts alike.

More information on upcoming events will be added here as it becomes available.

June 17, 2021   |   Virtual

Advancing the Science of Scaling

A virtual panel discussion hosted in conjunction with the Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies program will highlight and advance the ideas generated by the Incubator’s first year, dedicated to advancing the science of scaling.

Past Events

November 19-20, 2019 | University of Chicago

Authors’ Workshop

A convening of contributors to the edited volume, “The Scale-up Effect in Early Childhood and Public Policy: Why interventions lose impact at scale and what we can do about it.”

September 4, 2019   |   University of Chicago

JPE + Griffin Applied Economics Conference

Authors who will be submitting papers for potential publication in an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Political Economy presented their ideas and early drafts at this September workshop.