Prof. Jessie DeGrado—Model Class and Job Talk Dry-runs.

Dear friends,

We’re very excited to start the first week of our Winter schedule with two sessions hosted by our very own Professor Jessie DeGrado, who is coming back to Chicago for some practice for the job market. To that end, Professor DeGrado will be presenting a dry run of both a model class and a job talk (Wednesday 1/9 at 1:00 p.m. for the class, and Thursday 1/10 at 6:00 p.m. for the job talk; rooms TBD).
This is a unique opportunity for all of us to gain exposure and insight into a crucial moment of the employment process.
Jessie DeGrado studies the intersection of gender, empire, and religious innovation in the ancient Middle East. Their current work explores processes of cultural interaction between the Assyrian heartland and peripheral states of the Levant in the first millennium BCE. Recent publications include a co-authored study on the wanderings of the Mesopotamian baby-killing demon Lamashtu and an analysis of the representation of foreigners in Assyrian texts and iconography (forthcoming). DeGrado received a PhD in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East from the University of Chicago in August 2018 and currently teaches at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

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