The Jewish Studies Workshop provides an intimate, interdisciplinary forum for faculty and graduate students to engage in vibrant discourse and critical reflection on work and topics that range across all things related to Jews, Jewishness, and/or Judaism. The Workshop is not methodologically or temporally bound and welcomes theoretical, empirical, and comparative work from all fields and disciplines. We aim to engage students and faculty interested in Jewish Studies while encouraging them to think beyond the strictures of institutional disciplines.
Workshop sessions feature discussion of student and faculty work in progress, conference papers, journal articles, dissertation chapters, and special presentations by invited speakers. Through both detailed and general commentary, the presenters are then able to receive a wide array of comments to take into consideration while preparing final versions of their work. Graduate students and faculty from any field, division, or discipline are welcome and encouraged to attend. In addition, the Workshop also invites graduate students to serve as respondents, thus gaining experience in critical assessment of academic work.
We meet on Mondays from 5:00 to 6:30pm in Swift 201 unless otherwise noted on our schedule.

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