Regular meetings will be held from 5:00 – 6:30 pm CST on Mondays in Swift Hall 201. Special events, visiting lectures, and co-sponsored workshops will be held at the times indicated on the schedule

Jewish Studies Workshop, Spring 2024

Monday, March 18th, 5pm in Swift 201
Ranana Dine, PhD Candidate, Divinity School
“An Obligated Sight: Vision in Emmanuel Levinas, Mara Benjamin, and Josef Soloveitchik”

Monday, April 1st, 5pm in Swift 201
Jesse Noily, MA, Divinity School
“‘Your Dew is the Dew of Morning’: Rabbinic Eschatology and the Erotics of Resurrection”

Monday, April 15th, 5pm in Swift 201
Rachel Katz, PhD Candidate, Divinity School
“Arama as Intervention: Anti-(Intellectual) Elitism and Jews as a Separate Species”

VISITING SPEAKER: Thursday, April 18th, 5pm in Swift 200
Lana Povitz, Assistant Professor of History, Middlebury College
“The Creative Lives of Shulamith Firestone”

Monday, May 6th, 5pm in Swift 201
Noa Barak, PhD Candidate, Zvi Yavetz School of Historical Studies, Tel Aviv University
“Monopoly on Truth: The Israel State Archives and the Narrative Wars of the 1980s”

VISITING SPEAKER: Monday, May 13, 5pm in Swift 201
Ben Ratskoff, Assistant Professor of Modern Jewish History, Hebrew Union College
“A Tale of Two Revisions: The Color Line and the Jewish Problem, From Galicia to Dougherty County”

Monday, May 20th, 5pm in Swift 201
Omar Kamal, MA, CMES
“Late 19th and Early 20th Century Responses and Communication from Palestinian Bedu and Fellahin Regarding the New Yishuv”

Jewish Studies Workshop, Winter 2024

Monday, January 22nd, 5pm in Swift 201
Zalman Rothschild, Bigelow Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago Law School
“Multiculturalism and the Right of Exit”

LECTURE: Wednesday, January 31st, 4pm in the John Hope Franklin Room (SSRB 224)
Ofer Ashkenazi, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“Home as a Symbol of Migration: The Optimistic Melancholy of the Meyer Family’s Photo Album”

Co-hosted with the Transnational Approaches to Modern Europe Workshop

Monday February 12th, 5pm in Swift 201
Ido Telem, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
“The Taste of Revival: Aesthetics, Politics, and Criticism in the Work of David Frishman”

Monday, February 26th, 5pm in Swift 201
Zachary Taylor, PhD Student, University of Chicago
“The Universal and Particular: Spinoza vs. Mendelssohn on the Natural Law and ‘Ceremonies'”

Monday, March 4th, 5pm in Swift 201
Andrew Atwell, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
“Resuscitating Torah: ‘Judaization,’ Moral Imagination, and National-Religious hesed in Central Israel”

Jewish Studies Workshop, Autumn 2023

Monday, October 16th, 5pm in Swift 201
Ranana Dine, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago Divinity School
“Capturing Corpses: The Advent of Photography and Depicting Jewish Death”

Monday, October 30th, 5pm in Swift 201
Visiting Speaker: Professor Raphael Magarik, University of Illinois Chicago
“Paradise Circumcised: How Milton Became Secular”

Monday, November 13th, 5pm in Swift 201
Seth Joachim, MA Student, University of Chicago Divinity School
“Ethical Icarus: A Levinasian Reading of Public School Teachers”

Monday, November 27th, 5pm in Swift 201

Kirsten Collins, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago Divinity School

“The Chastity of Critique: Law, Biopolitics, and Biblical Hermeneutics in Confessions of the Flesh”