About the Workshop

Workshop Description

The Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean is an interdisciplinary forum and intellectual community for graduate students and faculty across the Humanities and Social Sciences who are interested in the literature, history, and politics of the region. The workshop welcomes participants who write and present in languages spoken in the region, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, in addition to English. In this multi-linguistic and inter-disciplinary space, PhD students, faculty, and invited guests are able to share research and discuss their work-in-progress with regional specialists from multiple departments across the University. Although regionally focused, the workshop also encourages hemispheric or transnational approaches that situate Latin American countries in their relationship with other places of the globe, including the U.S.


For the 2020-2021 academic year, the workshop will be meeting in person (location TBA), Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm. Upon the request of our presenters, workshop sessions can also take place virtually on Zoom. Email announcements will indicate which sessions are virtual and which are in person. Meetings alternate with meetings of the Latin American History Workshop. 

COVID-19 Statement 

In-person sessions will be open to all invitees regardless of vaccination status and, because of ongoing health risks to the unvaccinated, those are unvaccinated are expected to adopt the risk mitigation measures advised by public health officials (masking and social distancing, etc.). Public convening may not be safe for all and carries a risk for contracting COVID-19, particularly for those unvaccinated. Participants will not know the vaccination status of others and should thus follow appropriate risk mitigation measures. The workshop therefore asks that all attendees wear masks and practice social distancing. 

Faculty Sponsors

Mareike Winchell, Assistant Professor in Anthropology

Danielle Roper, Assistant Professor in Romance Languages and Literatures

Graduate Student Coordinators

       Gabriela Lomba Guzman, Department of Comparative Literature

       Luis MadrigalDepartment of Romance Languages and Literatures (luismadrigal@uchicago.edu)

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