About the Workshop

Workshop Description

The Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean is an interdisciplinary forum and intellectual community for graduate students and faculty who are interested in the academic problems and literature pertaining to the region. The workshop hosts regular presentations of works in progress by students, faculty, and invited guests, as well as special events and gatherings. Participants come from a wide range of disciplines from across the social sciences and humanities, enabling an interdisciplinary conversation and exchange around questions of common interest to those whose work focuses on the region. We welcome any and all who share an interest in the history, literature, politics, culture, and social life of Latin America and the Caribbean.


The workshop meets alternate Thursdays, 4:30-6:00p.m. in Kelly 114 (Center for Latin American Studies Conference Room). Meetings alternate with meetings of the Latin American History Workshop. 

Faculty Sponsors

Victoria Saramago, Assistant Professor in Brazilian Literature, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Graduate Student Coordinators

       Agnes Mondragón Celis-Ochoa, Department of Anthropology

       Juan Diego MariáteguiDepartment of Romance Languages and Literatures (jdmariategui@uchicago.edu)

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