16th Annual Meeting (2001)

ORGANIZATION COMMITTEEIlker Evrim Binbas, Conference Coordinator

Patrick A. Hatcher, Conference Coordinator

John E. Woods, Conference Faculty Advisor



Professor Devin DeWeese

Indiana University

History, Hagiography, and the Problem of Religious Language: Some
Thoughts on Approaches to Islamic Hagiographical Sources

May 11, 2001; 5:00-6:30
Ida Noyes Hall


May 11-12, 2001
Ida Noyes Hall
Library Room


Images of a Revolution: The 1979 Iranian Revolution in Propaganda Posters

May 11-12, 2001
Ida Noyes Hall

Courtesy: Middle East Documentation Center at the Regenstein Library, The University of Chicago, 2001


Kyrgyz Songs and Melodies

Elmira Kuchumkul-kizi
(Komuz Player and Singer from Jalalabad, Kyrgyz Republic)

May 11, 2001; 8:30-10:00
Ida Noyes Hall, Library


May 12, 2001; 5:00-6:00
Ida Noyes Hall

Sponsored by
Center for Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Chicago

FRIDAY 9:00 – 11:00

Religion, Society and Politics

Respondent: Malika Zeghal (University of Chicago)
Youngsun Moon (University of Texas at Austin)
Social Identity of Muslims in Japan
Theodoros Koutroubas (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium)
The Christian Communities of the Near East as a Factor of Political Change
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (John Hopkins University)
Toward a Post-secular Alternative: Secularism and Political Islam in Historical and Relational Context

Educating the Public

Ayse Gul Altinay (Sabanci University)
‘The Army is a School, the School is an Army’: The Nation’s Two Fronts
Gavin Brockett (The University of Chicago)
Press as Educator: Turkish Newspapers and Inculcation of a National Identity
Holly Shissler (The University of Chicago)
Applied Turkism: Ahmet Agaoglu and the Question of Turkish Identity in the Post-World War I. Era
Soon-Yong Pak (University of Wisconsin)
Vocational Religious Education and the Realities of the Imam-Hatip Schools in Modern Turkey

FRIDAY 12:30 – 2:30

Old Classics, New Readings

Nevin Deniz Togar (Bogazici University, Turkey)
Theories on the Rise of Arab Nationalism: George Antonius in Comparative Perspective
Khalil M. Marrar (Illinois State University)
On the Palestinian Question: Political or Human Emancipation?
Sam England
Edward William Lane and Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt
Erik Ohlander (University of Michigan)
A. J. Arberry (1909-1969) and the Politics of Translating the Qur’an

Political Aspirations and Movements in the 19th and early 20th Centuries

Respondent: Michael Provence (University of Chicago)
Farid al-Salim (University of Arkansas)
Upper Class Victorians and the Quest for a Jewish Homeland
Roni Zirinski (Harvard University)
The Beginning of the Tabloid Press in Egypt: A New Theoretical Reading in Muwailihi’s Hadith ‘Isa Bin Hisham
Robert J. Haug (University of Michigan)
Morality and the Millennium: The Antislavery and Sudanese Mahdist Movements

Turkey in an International Intellectual and Political Context

Chair: Robert Dankoff (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Holly Shissler (University of Chicago)
Aysegul Baykan (Koc University)
Italy and Turkey Between the World Wars: A Comparison on the Politics of Aesthetics
Mucahit Bilici (University of Michigan)
Forgetting Gramsci and Remembering Nursi: Parallel Theories of Gramsci and Nursi in the Space of Eurocentrisim

FRIDAY 2:45 – 4:45

Gender Roles in Islamic Societies

Respondent: Janet Afary (Purdue University)
Amer G. Zahr (University of Michigan)
Abu Hurayra and the Foundation of Misogyny
Tamer el-Leithy (Princeton University)
Metamorphoses of Sex, Gender and State: Transsexuals and Hermaphrodites in Maml?k Society
Filiz Çiçek (Indiana University)
Playing His/Her Game: Berna the Bad Girl and Tarkan the Pop Singer
Liat Kozma (New York University)
Musta‘amala minmudda: Stories of Defloration and Virginity in Nineteenth Century Cairo

Society, Economics and Politics in Contemporary Turkey

Chair: Cornell Fleischer (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Asim Karaomerlioglu (Bogazici University, Turkey)
Bulent Aybar (S. New Hampshire University)
Privatization in Turkey
Mehmet Ali Dogan (University of Utah)
Turkish-Israeli Rapprochement in the 1990’s
Orhan Tekelioglu (Bilkent University)
Music And Resistance: A History Of Westernization Efforts in Turkish Music

Politics and Economics in Contemporary Morocco

Respondant: Mustapha Kamal (University of Chicago)
Moutadayene Abdellatif (Laval University, Canada)
Economic Crisis & Political Transition in Morocco
Aziz Enhaili (Laval University, Canada)
Compositions and Dynamics of the Local Political Elites in Morocco during the 1976-1997 Years
Khalid Hilal (Monterey Institute of International Studies)
The Adaptation of Commercials for Multi-National Brands in Morocco: The Young Educated Viewers’ Evaluation of Tide® and Always® Commercials in Rabat

SATURDAY 9:00 – 11:00

The Politics of Artistic Representation

Discussant: Salim Yaqub (University of Chicago)
Nina Cichocki (University of Minnesota)
Women’s Divergent Voices in the Photographic Work of Shirin Neshat
Gary Otte
Photographing the Void: The Camera and the Representation of Islamic Architecture
Sarah Rogers (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Narrating the Modern Art Movement in the Middle East: A Methodological Inquiry
Tamar Ashuri (London School of Economics, Great Britain)
The Interplay Between Money, Memory and History in the Making of International Co-production: The Case of the Film The Fifty Years War: Israel and Arabs

Power and Identities in Ottoman State and Society

Respondent: Cornell Fleischer
Guclu Tuluveli (Middle East Technical University)
Estate or Class?: New Insights on Ottoman Social Stratification
Tim Jacoby
The Role of the Ulema in the Ottoman State
Ebru Turan (The University of Chicago)
Sokollu Mehmet Pasa,1565-1579: The Last Favourite as Grand Vizier
Maryna V. Kravets
Towards a Reconstruction of Black Sea Slave Traffic in the Early 17th Century

Forming a National Identity and Mythmaking in Turkey

Chair: Holly Shissler (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Frank Tachau (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Brendon Cannon (University of Utah)
Re-imagining Mormonism and Turkish Nationalism: Elite Manipulations and Development of Identities
Meltem Turkoz (University of Pennsylvania)
The Social Life of the State’s Fantasy: The Turkish Laws on Surnames and Titles
Hulya Adak (Sabanci University)
The Myth of the Nations, Myths of the Self: Mustafa Kemal’s Nutuk and Halide Edib’s Memoirs and the Turkish Ordeal

SATURDAY 12:30 – 2:30

Ritual and the Construction of Religious Identity

Respondent: Saba Mahmood (University of Chicago)
Paulo Pinto (Boston University)
Proof and Experience: The Construction of Religious Identity in the Sufi zawaiya of Aleppo, Syria
Yekaterina Khachatryan (Yerevan State University, Armenia)
On Some Similarities Between the Christian yurodivies and Islamic ‘oqala al-majanin.
Christopher Dole (Case Western Reserve University)
The Urbanization of Charisma: Healing and Identity in a Turkish Migrant Community
Mark Soileau (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Dem Görelim Canlar: Ingestion and Digestion in the Bektashi Ritual Meal

Political Culture in the New States of Central Asia

Respondets: Uli Shamiloglu (University of Wisconsin)
Kagan Arik (University of Chicago)
Juliboy Eltazarov (Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan)
Some Problems of Competition of the World Geopolitics Powers in Post-Soviet Central Asia
Elmira Toktorbai (Kyrgyz National State University, Kyrgyzstan)
Citizenship as the Political Institution of Human Rights Protection in Central Asia
Peride Kaleagasi (Georgetown University)
Multiple Factors at Play in Uzbekistan’s Transitional Path to Democracy
Cholpon Kasymalieva (International University of Kyrgzstan, Kyrgyzstan)
Citizenship as the Institution of Human Rights Protection
Jacob Haar
Communities of Sufi Lineage: A Study of Religious, Political, Social and Economic
Transformation in the Timurid Period

Making the Majority and Promoting Democracy

Chair: Richard Chambers (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Hakan Ozoglu (University of Chicago)
Asim Karaomerlioglu (Bogazici University)
The Social Impact of World War II.on Transition to Democracy in Turkey
Bestami Bilgic (George Washington University)
Kurdish Question in Turkey within the Framework of Nationalism
Leyla Neyzi (Sabanci University)
Remembering to Forget: Sabbateanism, National Identity and Subjectivity in Turkey

SATURDAY  2:45 – 4:45

The Struggle for Palestine/Israel in Historical Perspective

Respondent: Salim Yaqub (University of Chicago)
Abigail Jacobson (The University of Chicago)
The National Liberation League, 1943-1948: an Alternative Political Discourse in the Palestinian Society
Ibtisam Ibrahim (University of Wisconsin)
Zionist Perspective with Regard to the Palestinians in Pre- and Post-Israel: The Differential Attitudes and Policies Towards the Palestinians Across Religious Lines
Maha Nassar (University of Chicago)
Inspiration, Confirmation, Justification: The Functions of Islamic History in Palestinian Nationalist Rhetoric

Early Development of Islamic Theology and Law

Respondent: John Eisele (College of William and Mary)
Wesley Williams (University of Michigan)
Ru’ya Allah: Muhammad’s Vision of God and its Place in Early Islamic Doctrine
Ozlem Sert
Text and Ideology: Eshab-i Kehf/ Seven Sleepers Legend
David Cook (The University of Chicago)
The Changing Image of the Turk in Apocalyptic Literature