24th Annual Meeting (2009)

A copy of the program can be viewed here.

Keynote Address & Reception
Engin Akarli – Joukowsky Family Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle East
History and Professor of History, Brown University
“Trying to Make Global Sense of the Particularities of Middle East History”

Love and Desire in Persian Art and Literature, Past and Present

Discussant: Franklin Lewis

Constituting Love in the Iranian Popular Commercial Cinema

Pedram Partovi, University of Chicago

The Illustrated Divan of Hafez: Imitation and Meaning in a Copy at the University of Michigan Special Collections Library

Meggie Shortle, University of Chicago

Love, Loss, and the Color Black, from the Medieval Romance to the Modern Short Story

Cameron Cross, University of Chicago

Historicizing War in Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon

History in Translation: English-Language Propaganda from the Iran-Iraq War, 1980 to 1984

Carl Shook, University of Chicago

Passive and Active Iranian Heroes: Transformations of the “Karbala Paradigm” as Portrayed in Iranian Film

Tamara C. Mackenthun, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Trauma and Representation: Recent Middle Eastern Histories

David Markus, University of Chicago

Heresy, Orthodoxy and Historiography in Early Modern States

Discussant: Alidost Numan

Bāyazīd b. Sultan Sulaymān in Safavid Historiography

Austin O’Malley, University of Chicago

Muslim Cosmopolitan Culture and Ottoman Religious Scholars

Abdurrahman Atcil, University of Chicago

Heresy and Persecution: Melami-Bayrami Order in the Ottoman Empire; between the 16th-18th Centuries

Ali Erken, Bogazici University, Istanbul

Music: Narratives of Space and Nation

Discussant: Evrim Binbas

Transnational Encounters in Music: Eduard Zuckmayer and the Modernization of Music Education in Turkey (1890 – 1950)

Pelin Kadercan, University of Rochester

“Beautiful Voice” Narratives of Istanbul: Localizing Discourse on the Islamic Call to Prayer

Eve McPherson, University of California at Santa Barbara

Teotig’s Amenun Daretsuytsĕ (Almanac For All) and its Yerajshdagan (Music) Pages

Melissa Bilal, University of Chicago

The Mizmar, Oboe, and Syrian Music

Andrea Shaheen, University of Arizona

At Home in the World: Life in Middle Eastern Diasporas

Discussant: Ori Yehudai

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, and the Shari’a: the Production of Islamic Legal

Knowledges and “The Muslim Woman” in the French-North African Diaspora

Natasha Dar, Stanford University

At Home in the World: Lebanese Migrant Lives in West Africa, 1890-1939

Andrew Arsan, University of Cambridge

Ottoman Emigration to Argentina 1870-1914

Kazim Baycar, Bogazici University

Mapping the Archives: Interpretations of Gendered Labor in New York City’s Pre-WWI Syrian American Communities

Jess Bier, City University of New York

Old Ottomans, Young Turks: Politics, Faith and Geography

Discussant: Yasar Tolga Cora

Was the Meşihat Secular or Religious? The Young Turks, the Ulema and the Decline of the Ottoman Şeyhülislam (1908-1917)

Nurullah Ardıç, İstanbul Şehir University

Establishing the Legitimacy in the Early Republican Turkey: The Case of the 150ers

Hakan Ozoglu, University of Central Florida

Nationalism: Out of the Ottoman Mind?

Mark Aymes, Cornell University

Settling the Empire: Habil Adem on Imperial/Colonial Order

Zeynep Bilginsoy, New York University

Early Islamic Literature and Political Thought

Discussant: Vasileios Syros

Language, Political Action and Communities in Medieval Arabic and Persian Contexts

Jennifer A. London, University of Chicago

Al-Ma’mun and the Mu’tazila: Analysis of the Religious and Political Relationships

Based on the Last Recovered Sources

Marco Demichelis, University of Genoa

Gender, Nation and Popular Culture in the Modern Middle East

Discussant: Noha Abulmagd Forster

Masculinity Under Fire: Palestinian Nationalists in British Officials’ Memoirs

Nadim Y. Bawalsa, Georgetown University

Dabkat Rajuliyya: Popular Culture and Nationalism in Contemporary Syria

Shayna Silverstein, University of Chicago

Dressing the Ottoman Lady: Fashion and Women’s Rights in the Ottoman Journal


Esra Tasdelen, University of Chicago

Trials of Empire in the Late Ottoman Period

Discussant: Flora Roberts

The Failure of Ottomanism:The Albanian Rebellions 1910-1912

James N. Tallon, University of Chicago

Intelligence activities in the Balkans during the Crimean War (1853-1856)

Ibrahim Köremezli, Bilkent University

All that Glitters is not Gold: Nineteenth Century Reform and Bankruptcy in Egypt and

Ottoman Turkey

Joseph Yackley, University of Chicago

International Politics and Foreign Intervention in the Middle East

Discussant: Rusty Rook

Buffer or Lightning Rod? The U.S. Commitment to Jordan in the Context of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1957-1965

Avshalom Rubin, University of Chicago

The Development of the Relations between the United States and Tripoli Province in the West 1776-1802

Jamal Hashim Ahmed, al-Dhuwaib, al-Anbar University

Anglo-Ottoman Relations in the Persian Gulf in the Era of Abdulhamid II

Bilal Emre Biral, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

The Contradiction between Nationalism and Internationalism: the Azerbaijan National Government in Iran (1945-1946)

Mehrak Kamali, University of Arizona

Peace, Politics and Reform: Neoliberalism in the Middle East

Discussant: Hadas Weiss

The Real Profits and False Prophets of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Matt Berkman, New York University

The Neoliberal Technocracy: a Comparative Insight from the Turkish Case in the 1980s

Umud Dalgic, Northwestern University

The Social Contract and Egypt’s Politics of Retrenchment in the Neo-liberal Era

Asya El-Meehy, University of California at Berkeley

Dream, Eschatology, and History in Pre-Modern Islam

Discussant: Cornell Fleischer

Ibn Babawayh’s Dream: Shi’ite History through the Lens of the Ghayba

Edmund Hayes, University of Chicago

Mystical Love as the Day of Judgment: Eschatology in Jalal al-Din Rumi’s Divan-i Kabir

Ferenc Csirkes, University of Chicago

Dreams, Anxiety and Intellectual Pursuits in the Post-Suleymanic Ottoman Empire: Veysi Effendi and his Dream Book

Ahmed Tunc Sen, University of Chicago

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