Organoid and Primary Culture Research Core


Patient Consent $75 per subject
Tissue Procurement $70 per sample
Sample Processing by HTRC $63 per hour
Initial Development $300 per line
Passage – Setup $50 per line
Passage – Plating $6 per well
Feeding $5 per well
Cryopreservation $21 per line
Thawing $40 per line
Generation of Organoid Block $80 per block
Cryo Storage (LN2) $1 per vial per month
Storage (-80 Freezer) $0.50 per vial per month
Purchase Cryopreserved Lines $160 per line
Organoid Media $5 per ml
Other reagents at cost per unit
Keyence Microscope (Assisted) $80 per hour
Keyence Microscope (User operated) $25 per hour
Pathologist Assessment $150 per hour
Research Consultation $70 per hour
Non Standard Service $60 per hour
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