Organoid and Primary Culture Research Core


Consultation Services

  • Project consultation
  • Experimental design and planning
  • Training
  • Protocols

Tissue Access and Processing

  • Centralized and customer-based IRB
  • Patient consent
  • Clinical information collection
  • Organoid and primary cell banking
  • Surgical and biopsy sample processing for organoid and primary cell culture

Cell Isolation and Culture

  • Primary cell isolation and plating
  • Organoid generation (patient, animal, and PDX model samples)
  • Organoid line maintenance and expansion
  • Organoid line cryopreservation and resuscitation

Organoid and primary cell culture analysis

  • Live organoid and primary culture imaging
  • Organoid drug treatment
  • Organoid block preparation
  • Histological assessment of intact tissue and organoids
  • RNA and protein isolation


  • Established human and mouse organoid lines
  • Tissue culture reagents

Coming Soon

  • Organoid gene modification
  • Organoid immortalization
  • iPSC based organoids and differentiated cells (e.g. cardiomyocytes, brain organoids)
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