2/18 – Agnes Callard

We are delighted to welcome Agnes Callard (Chicago) to the Practical Philosophy Workshop. Professor Callard will be presenting a paper entitled “Remoralizing Weakness of Will”. The meeting will be held on Friday Feb 18th from 10.30am – 12.20pm in Rosenwald 405.

The paper is available for our download page: click here and enter the password “praxis”. Professor Callard will not be reading the paper in the workshop, but since it’s relatively long, her suggestions for reading are below:

“You need to read intro +  section I (the virtues of Moralism). You can most easily skip section III (Reasoning within the limits of mere moralism).  I would really like feedback on section II (Pro tanto, all things considered, moral, despair), which is hot off the press, so to speak…  If you are pressed for time skip IV (an allegorical summation of the state of play) and if you don’t read III you should definitely skip the second half of IV (a section marked off with double square brackets).  V is not long and gives the big picture, so it makes sense to read.”

As always, donuts and coffee will be served before the meeting.

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