Winter Schedule

Our schedule for the winter is below. A couple of comments:

1)  All meetings will run from 10.30am – 12.20pm on Friday.

2) Our meetings this quarter are on even weeks, with the exception of March 8th.

3) Our meetings this quarter will take place in Cobb 402, with the exception of February 1st which will be in Stuart 102 .

Winter Schedule

1/18 – Nir Ben Moshe (Chicago, graduate student) – “How to Solve “The Moral Problem”: Why Humeans should not Aspire to be Kantians”

2/1 – Jennifer Johnson (Chicago, graduate student) – “Striving and Unity in Aristotelian Virtue” *Irregular Room*

2/15 – Sarah Buss (University of Michigan) – “The Possibility of Action as the Impossibility of Certain Forms of Self-alienation”

3/1 – Elijah Millgram (University of Utah) – “Millian Metaethics”

3/8 – Justin Coates (Chicago, Law and Philosophy Fellow) – “Freedom and Resentment in the Key of Kant” *Irregular Week*

3/15 – Alyssa Luboff (Chicago, graduate student) – “Three Kinds of Universal”

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